Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April/Quarter 2 Goals

I have a lot to catch up on {not to mention a bunch of the pages up top need editing too!} so this is going to be a combined post for all the goal parties. They do a great job of keeping me on track, both monthly and over the course of the year.

In the first quarter of the year, I finished seven quilts from my UFO list, plus shifted several into categories further along the list. AND, I only have one new thing on this list - everything else that was started new, finished in the first quarter. Not too bad.

However, I know going into April and the next few months, my sewing time is going to be severely limited with a new toddler hanging around - long arm rental time will be limited to weekends, especially. I want to get as much quilted in the next couple of weeks, so I can sleep bind at my own pace during naptimes.

My main goal for April is to finish the Little Man's quilt, Bedtime Monkey, before we head back to Korea to pick him up.

Second, the lovely people at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio sent me a nice stack of Dimples - beige to finish off Cat Tails, and greys for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013. Cat Tails can definitely be finished in April.

And then, for the rest of the quarter, there's the perpetual UFO list!

Chevron Baby Quilt - pieced, awaiting quilting
Vera Bradley Stars Quilt - finished!
Witch Table Runner - pieced, awaiting quilting
Wedding Quilt - waiting for the blocks to be sent back
Christmas Tree Skirt/Stockings - due Dec. 2014
Lori's Running T-Shirt Quilt - ordered, shirts not yet picked

Awaiting Binding
Christmas Stars
Heart Table Runner - finished!
Frolicking Pinwheels 1
Ornament Table Runner
Postage Stamp Table Runner
Sunkissed Pillow
Four Patch Frenzy 1 - finished!
Reverse Heart - added 2/14

To Be Quilted
Leftover Bunting Quilt
Pink Hunter's Star
Christmas Sampler
Partially Pieced
 Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013
Four Patch Frenzy 2
Frolicking Pinwheels 2
Log Cabin Shoes
Polaroid Quilt
Saturday Sampler 2012
St. Paul's Cross
Strip XOs
Woven Snowmen
Cat Flying Geese
Toy Story 2
Little Dude's foster mother's Road to Oklahoma - finished!
Celtic Solstice
Bonnie & Camille Spin Cycle
Bedtime Monkey

Just Needs Borders
Summer Drinks
Flirt Marks the Spot - finished!
Block of the Month/Week
{as in, I will be piecing it throughout the year with no hurry to finish}
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014

{as in, I already own the fabric & pattern}
Cardinal Charm Tesselation
Coffee panels and yardage
Lone Star
Pez Schnibble
Voila Pumpkin Kit
Trip Around the World
California Girl Double Hourglass
Hello Luscious Avignon Picnic
Mason Jar quilt
Homespun + Jeans
Star Wars Pixelated

Scrap Project
{as in, scraps that are partially pieced in some way and enough to make a mini or pillow, or there's enough that I can get another entire quilt out of it and am therefore unwilling to separate them...}
Civil War Scraps
HST Joy Scraps
Winnie the Pooh Scraps
Sew Cherry HST Scraps
Fairy Scraps
Saturday Sampler '11 Scraps
Pink Hunter Star Scraps
Blue Hunter Star Scraps
Steelers Scraps
Flirt Scraps

Small Project
{already in some stage of production}
OU/OSU Bunting
Crayon Rolls
Car Organizer
Red Suede Purse
A ridiculous number of pants that need hems or elastic repaired
Ironing board cover - finished!


  1. Glad you have a long list of quilting projects to keep you busy until you pick up your new little one. I bet it was so hard to leave him when you came back. Have a safe trip back to Korea and hope the time leading up to your departure passes really fast.

  2. Love the dimples fabric :) Going to be so fn to see the monkey quilt finished!

  3. How do you keep track of all those lists? I think the Monkey looks fine without shoulders, just his head peaking up. Good luck with your plans for April. You'll have a lot going on.

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