Friday, April 25, 2014

Goodnight Monkey - Finished!

Well, since our adoption was finalized in Korea last week, it made sense to finish off the Little Man's quilt this week!

Unfortunately, final doesn't mean done. Due to holidays and random "system upgrades," we can't travel to get him {well, his visa} for a little bit longer.

But whatever - his quilt is done! And ready to go! Just as soon as we can! And I will make it through another week. Maybe.

Goodnight Monkey was inspired by a quilt I saw on Moda Bake Shop. I had a jelly roll of this line, and a friend gave us a blue sock monkey for the Little Man, so I decided to strip-piece the bottom and put the monkey on the top like a real bed.

I think the design was mostly like what I saw in my head. Close enough, at least! I still can't decide if I should have done shoulders! Probably...but...

The quilting is loose loops in a blue and yellow variegated thread on the stripped portion, and white thread on the "bedsheet." I thought about doing something in each strip, but decided on an allover design to soften the quilt up.

The back is slightly more random than I usually do! I had the panel that I wanted to use up. And a yard of the brown sock monkey texture from the applique. And some leftover strips from the front. And the extra blue dots from the pillow. So...there they all are.

Honestly, the panel is supposed to be a fabric book, so it's a little out of order here...the end is right next to the start! But I didn't want to take it apart and rearranging it, so...I think he'll still get the point of the story - which is, of course, totally jump on the bed.

I saved all the texture strips from the jelly roll to use in the applique and binding. I love it as binding - the texture just looks great!

In gratuitous kitten pictures, CC had this lovely little habit of curling around my machine, under my stand. As you can see here, she is quickly becoming too big to fit properly and ended up pulling the stand away from the machine to shove herself under it. Made strip-piecing lots of fun with the wiggling!

Snuggled up with the inspiration sock monkey.

And I'd love to show a great shot of it draped over the crib, but we had to leave something for my dad to do during the day when the Dude is at school. ;-)

Quilt Details
Fabric: mostly Goodnight Monkey jelly roll {a line from about 2009}
Backing: Monkey panel, sock monkey texture, blue dots that I can't find the selvage
Binding: jelly roll strips
Size: 40x60"
Pattern: similar to Moda Bake Shop



  1. I love the quilt, and I think it is perfect without shoulders. I hope the wait isn't too long for the visa, and congrats!!!!!

  2. I know he will love the quilt. Such a fun idea to have the quilt match the stuffed animal. It won't be long (hopefully) until he is snuggled in it.

  3. Silly holidays! So glad you have quilting to keep your mind somewhat occupied during this final waiting period. The quilt is so cute, both monkey and quilt will be loved by your son.

    Safe travels!

  4. That is a totally adorable quilt! Congratulations on your adoption! Waiting must be very hard.

  5. Great quilt! Congrats on the adoption, soon the little man will be home and snuggled up in his quilt!

  6. Very fun! Glad to hear you are even closer to bringing your little guy home!

  7. Great quilt and how exciting to be getting a new addition to the family! Best wishes to all of you!

  8. Congrats on your adoption! I am so happy for you. That quilt is adorable. Best of luck! -Brittany

  9. So cute! Love the back. I'm sure he'll get the whole "jump on the bed" thing. It comes pretty naturally.

    I love your kitty, but I think I love your kitty because she isn't my kitty. What a fun personality she has!

  10. Congrats to you!! I have a friend waiting on an international adoption right now as well. Your quilt is so sweet. I'm sure you'll enjoy snuggling with him in it. I hope your wait isn't too much longer!

    Thanks for linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. Your quilt made me laugh when I first saw it - in a good way- how dellightful

  12. Congrats on the adoption!! That quilt is ADORABLE!!!!

  13. Congrats on clearing the final adoption hurdle. Hope you have Little Man with you soon. The monkey quilt is so cute!

  14. This is such a fun post - So totally love the monkey tucked under the quilt. It looks great, Kate! And what a funny cat - too hilarious seeing her under the machine extension.

  15. Hope the wait isn't too long. The quilt is precious and sure to be loved. Hope kitty doesn't get a hurt paw being under there. Thanks for linking to TGIFF.

  16. Beautiful quilt! I know your son will love it:)

  17. LOVE the way this came out!!! DO NOT LOVE the delays!!! Egad, enough already!!! :-(

  18. Sucha fun quilt. Good Luck with the process