Friday, April 18, 2014

Pretty in Pink - Finished!

A finish made entirely of scraps and stash! That has to be my favorite kind.

This quilt was inspired by my overflowing pink scrap bin, and Jasmine's Reverse Stars. I chose 3" finished squares because that was the size of the Kona scrap I had leftover from the chevron top.

In retrospect, I probably would have made less hearts. They ended up being a little hard to space out on the top, and they're a bit more overwhelming than I was going for. Plus, I could have used more pink scraps!

I quilted the pink portions in loose loops, then tighter-but-not-really-matchstick in the hearts.

The binding is also scrappy - lots of 2.5" strips!

Definitely something I would do again - I can close the top of the pink scrap bin now! And since it was all pink, I could just ignore the fact that some of the fabrics were glaringly bright.

Quilt Details
Fabric: scraps, Kona Bone
Backing: unknown pink remnant
Binding: scraps
Size: 45" square
Pattern: reverse hearts - similar to this block


Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Progress - Spring Break

The Dude and I had a fun spring break, filled with cleaning and organizing. No, I swear - he had fun! He made a creeper with his closet organizers...very easy to make him happy.

I snuck in a little sewing - I scheduled what will probably be my last toddler-free quilting session for Thursday, so I did a quick inventory on what I could get done.

Answer: table runners. And more table runners. Mostly because the backing is all the same size, so I can sew the ends together and just keep quilting on down. Then I don't have to worrying about loading the longarm again.

And that will give me plenty to bind for a while!

I also pieced all the square-in-square blocks, so now I just get to put together Spin Cycle blocks at my leisure. Nine more to go!

And my weekly churn dash. This is from a doll dress I made for my niece. Yeah. Slim pickings in the purple scraps for favorites! I actually do have a couple well-loved bits, but not enough for a churn dash. I may add them to the RSC'13.

And the only new purchase from Spring Cleaning Week. Most of the shelving here went to the Dude's room, or became a fridge for the play kitchen. This nice big shelf can hold/organize almost everything that used to be crammed into random places, or on the floor.

And that's about it. This week, I need to fix the Dude's Cub Scout uniform - the Blue and Gold Banquet is coming up and he's still, according to his shirt, a member of the Oklahoma council. And of course, the first thing I'm quilting on Thursday is the Little Man's quilt.

But mostly, I'll be waiting on pins and needles for the final approval phone call.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly Progress - Airplane Germs

Well, it was inevitable with 24+ hours in airplanes. I came down with a head cold of sorts and spent the last week sleeping it off and drinking tea. So not that much got done in the sewing room.

Spin Cycle - added one more block...of course, the one that Bad Kitty is sitting on.

At that block, I ran out of square-in-a-square pieces, so it was time to start chain piecing some more. Woohoo.

Weekly Churn Dash - this was from one of my very first projects, a purse that I put together totally wrong and never fixed. It's a good reminder of how far I've come!

And I stitched down the applique on Goodnight Monkey, and started prepping the back. I'm using a panel and the leftover pieces from the front.

And, very exciting for the Dude - we're spending Spring Break cleaning and organizing closets, which includes swapping out some of my sewing room shelving. So far, his room is looking a lot better...and the rest of the house is looking a lot worse.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Dongdaemun Fabric Market - A Review

So... In case you're ever in Seoul, you might need to know about this place.

{Yes, this is my round-about way of talking about the adoption without actually talking about the adoption.}

{Which was given initial approval on Tuesday, so now we're in the 14 day waiting period before the next round of approvals and visas and appointments and...end game! Maybe! Soon!}

{And now would be a good time to "like" or tell your friends to "like" my Facebook page, because I'm going to list a few quilts for sale. Because last minute tickets to/from Korea ain't cheap, and Momma's ready to bring her baby home!}

Ahem. Anyway. The market. Holy crap, the market.

We're talking whole city blocks covered by this complex.

Every bit is packed with booths and people and stuff.

Need beads? You might be able to find a few here. There's also an entire floor of ribbon. Booths and booths of paracord {the Dude would love it!} Giant bags of zippers. You name it, it's there...somewhere.

So much silk and polyester fabrics. Bolts usually could be cut, and the swatches were for wholesale. And they would move fabric constantly - men were bringing in rolls right off the backs of motorcycles, and people would carry out a whole roll at a time.

{Booth 3247}

Luckily I did a little research and knew a couple booths to find - they're all numbered and in sections. {Though it took us an hour to figure out where the D section was.}

The selection is varied but limited - don't go in expecting to find the newest Moda line, but do stock up on loads of basics. I found a lot of novelty kids fabrics, some soft florals, and tons of stripes and dots.

This booth, across the way, had lots of modern-ish fabrics and a random selection of Civil War reproductions. I found the teal in my stack here - from Laurie Wisbrun's Brrrr line.

{Map from the Korea blog}

If you don't enjoy wandering about tiny passageways crammed with people and fabric, these two booths are at the arrow on the map. Or at least that's what my husband tells me. {True story: I once argued that we couldn't see Mount Spokane from our house. This is, apparently, a fallacy. I have a pretty poor sense of direction.} 

Most of the cotton fabrics, and some minkee, is nearby. Note the stairs: easy in and out!

And this is what I bought - 15 yards for 48400 won. We were doing a 1:1 translation in our heads, but it's a little less than that, so it came out to just about $46. Yes, $3 a yard.

Yeah, I'm taking an extra suitcase for the second trip.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April/Quarter 2 Goals

I have a lot to catch up on {not to mention a bunch of the pages up top need editing too!} so this is going to be a combined post for all the goal parties. They do a great job of keeping me on track, both monthly and over the course of the year.

In the first quarter of the year, I finished seven quilts from my UFO list, plus shifted several into categories further along the list. AND, I only have one new thing on this list - everything else that was started new, finished in the first quarter. Not too bad.

However, I know going into April and the next few months, my sewing time is going to be severely limited with a new toddler hanging around - long arm rental time will be limited to weekends, especially. I want to get as much quilted in the next couple of weeks, so I can sleep bind at my own pace during naptimes.

My main goal for April is to finish the Little Man's quilt, Bedtime Monkey, before we head back to Korea to pick him up.

Second, the lovely people at Ladyfingers Sewing Studio sent me a nice stack of Dimples - beige to finish off Cat Tails, and greys for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013. Cat Tails can definitely be finished in April.

And then, for the rest of the quarter, there's the perpetual UFO list!

Chevron Baby Quilt - pieced, awaiting quilting
Vera Bradley Stars Quilt - finished!
Witch Table Runner - pieced, awaiting quilting
Wedding Quilt - waiting for the blocks to be sent back
Christmas Tree Skirt/Stockings - due Dec. 2014
Lori's Running T-Shirt Quilt - ordered, shirts not yet picked

Awaiting Binding
Christmas Stars
Heart Table Runner - finished!
Frolicking Pinwheels 1
Ornament Table Runner
Postage Stamp Table Runner
Sunkissed Pillow
Four Patch Frenzy 1 - finished!
Reverse Heart - added 2/14

To Be Quilted
Leftover Bunting Quilt
Pink Hunter's Star
Christmas Sampler
Partially Pieced
 Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013
Four Patch Frenzy 2
Frolicking Pinwheels 2
Log Cabin Shoes
Polaroid Quilt
Saturday Sampler 2012
St. Paul's Cross
Strip XOs
Woven Snowmen
Cat Flying Geese
Toy Story 2
Little Dude's foster mother's Road to Oklahoma - finished!
Celtic Solstice
Bonnie & Camille Spin Cycle
Bedtime Monkey

Just Needs Borders
Summer Drinks
Flirt Marks the Spot - finished!
Block of the Month/Week
{as in, I will be piecing it throughout the year with no hurry to finish}
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014

{as in, I already own the fabric & pattern}
Cardinal Charm Tesselation
Coffee panels and yardage
Lone Star
Pez Schnibble
Voila Pumpkin Kit
Trip Around the World
California Girl Double Hourglass
Hello Luscious Avignon Picnic
Mason Jar quilt
Homespun + Jeans
Star Wars Pixelated

Scrap Project
{as in, scraps that are partially pieced in some way and enough to make a mini or pillow, or there's enough that I can get another entire quilt out of it and am therefore unwilling to separate them...}
Civil War Scraps
HST Joy Scraps
Winnie the Pooh Scraps
Sew Cherry HST Scraps
Fairy Scraps
Saturday Sampler '11 Scraps
Pink Hunter Star Scraps
Blue Hunter Star Scraps
Steelers Scraps
Flirt Scraps

Small Project
{already in some stage of production}
OU/OSU Bunting
Crayon Rolls
Car Organizer
Red Suede Purse
A ridiculous number of pants that need hems or elastic repaired
Ironing board cover - finished!

Monday, March 31, 2014

March - Big Events for My Boys Month

I haven't posted in two and a half weeks...gosh, I wonder where I might have been! ;)

If you need a hint, "Eolmana ma?" is how you say "how much for a yard?" at a Korean fabric market. Sort of.

And this is what 15 yards for $45 looks like.

And that other thing we went to Korea for...I think that went well. Honestly, I'm not going to breathe again until we get initial approval. But, we met the Little Man and he flopped right down on the quilt I made for his foster mother and hugged it, so I like him already.


Both long-time UFOs, so good to knock those off the list.

Some smaller projects...

...a table runner for a friend...

...a pillowcase for the Dude...

...and a birthday table runner. For my NINE YEAR OLD.

Central Park Sudoku / Reverse Hearts - Hearts is now bound but not all the threads are buried. CPS is waiting for binding.

Spin Cycle - adding a few blocks every week. By the way, who bet on 2.5 months before Little Miss Fluffy Tail ripped the design wall down?

Bedtime Monkey {my NewFO} - done to the applique. I can't decide if the monkey ought to have shoulders. He looks a bit weird without them.

Striped Tablerunners - I took a class on these at the beginning of the month and whipped together a few more. Only the birthday ones have been quilted so far.

Weekly Churn Dash - quickly polished off the last two {bottom row} this weekend. The darker teal is from Boardwalk, and the other is, of course, my most favorite fabric ever, the Lovely from my Celtic Solstice. {Does it count as a scrap if you're not done with the quilt yet?}

And speaking of Solstice, I didn't do any sewing on it this month. In fact, I unsewed. I decided the pinwheel centers in Block B were too distracting, so I used the 12+ hour plane rides to rip some seams, and the down time in Seoul to sketch out a plan.

And I dug out Toy Story 1 and discovered it was a whole six seams from finished. So now it's a top.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chunky Log Cabin - Finished!

Hmmm, what shall I post about finishing first? There's starting to be a pile-up! I'm still hand stitching the binding on some table runners, so Chunky gets top billing.

Oh, Chunky. What can I say? I got swept up in the fervor when Denyse Schmidt's first line for Joann's was released, and bought a whole stack of reds and blues for no good reason. I don't even remember if I thought they were pretty - Blogland said BUY!

{Oh, in case you're wondering where I fall in the "quilt shop quality" debate that this line sparked for a while - just google Denyse Schmidt Joann debate - I buy quite a lot of fabric from Joann's and Hobby Lobby. All my Konas. Almost all my backings. I've got stuff my mother grabbed when the Rag Shops closed in the mid-00s. I use VIP fabrics from the 80s and 90s...that I bought in a thrift shop or stole from my mom's stash. Obviously, I fall into the "who gives a flip?" category.}

{But don't worry - I know it's important to others, so if I do a swap, I buy from a street market in Korea quilt store.}

Um, anyway, Chunky. I believe I picked the log cabin because DS is famous for her wonky ones. I am not wonky, so they are nice, normal, boring ones.

I just pieced away with no plan until they were about 14" big. Then I played around with the layout for a while. A loooooooong while. {Circles? Furrows? Streak of Lightning? On-point or medallion-ish? I know at some point I must have considered and rejected - without photographing - a barn raising.}

Finally pieced them into the furrows, because that is the most symmetrical of the layouts. {Clearly, the ability to do wonky log cabins is in my near future.} Then I swore I wouldn't let the project sit - I was going to put the borders on right away! Hahaha, yeah, so a year+ later...

I'm not too sad it got set aside. After a lot of practice on the long arm, I got brave enough to try feathering the individual "furrows." I did a little bit of block stuff on Swoon, but this was the first time I really focused on a block design instead of an allover design.

And this brings up the inherent difficulties with renting the long arm. 99% of the time I love it - thread is "free" {seriously, do you know how much it would cost to have that big of an available rainbow?}, and I have all the fun of a long arm with zero maintenance, no worries about fitting it in my house, or dealing with CC climbing on it.

But when you've already spent 2.5 hours doing somewhat-detailed quilting, and the next person showed for their scheduled rental time, and you haven't even gotten to the borders yet...! Makes you want to get a long arm...or go back to the super-fast-all-over-loops.

Man, this is a wordy post, isn't it? More quilt pictures!

Flowered borders, flowered quilting...I had about 8x5" of this border print leftover after carefully cutting it apart and piecing it back together. #winning

The backing is Daisy Mae, a subsequent DSQuilts line. Obviously I had to get it, what with the name and all.

I let my husband pick the binding - I had enough leftover of the pink dots or the blue with little red flowers. I was leaning toward the blue, since I tend to prefer bindings that blend into the border. No idea why...lazy? Afraid of trying something else?

Anyway, he picked the pink, and since it's my least favorite of the fabrics, I agreed mostly to use it up. And looks kind of...not bad. Kind of like a nice frame. Maybe there is something to varying your bindings. ;)

So that ends another quilt that spent a veeeeeeeeeeery long time in progress. Most of the leftover red and darker blues are heading into my Trip Around the World know, the one I started cutting last year and...that's as far as I've gotten. Ah, it never ends, does it?

{Oh, so I took all of Lori's advice, and went to a nearby park. {Get it? Picnic? Fairground? Park?} Paid attention to my lighting and shadows, got some posed shots with the help of the Dude, even climbed up the slide ladder to get a shot. And then some people started playing at the park and it became creepy again. I'll never make it as a photographer!}

Quilt Details
Fabric: Picnic and Fairground, DSQuilts
Backing: Daisy Mae, DSQuilts
Binding: P&F, DSQuilts
Size: 62x74"
Pattern: Log Cabin with 2.5" unfinished strips, Furrows layout

Gratuitous kitten shot! But Momma, I'm not touching it!

Oh, and if you made it this far, and it's still Friday, the giveaway on Skorca is active until midnight PST. And yes, I did add the strings left from the binding to the bag!