Monday, July 28, 2014

WiP - Pool Time

I'm at my in laws, so there's not a lot of sewing going on here.

Whole lot of this, though.

I did manage to get some stuff done before I left, and during naptimes.

Okay, Central Park Sudoku isn't new, but the finished post is.

Checked off part 2 of Ripples and Reflections - a whooping 2.75 hours to build these four matching blocks, at 180 pieces total. I was right about them luring you in with part 1 being fairly easy. Glad to put it away for a month!

Now I'm strip piecing my Hello Luscious-Avignon Picnic. Strips are done and cutting is happening...when there aren't little fingers around. And there's twice as many of those than normal!

The first section is nearly together...and yes, I went color-sorted-scrappy. And yes, cell phone pictures at nine p.m. are amazing.

In a departure from the norm, I went scrappy with my last red churn dash, because I adore my Punctuation scraps and I didn't have enough of one piece to make a block.

And my palette of the week. Look, it's not food! Although suddenly I want pomegranate punch.

There's also been trips to the zoo, and Mary Jo's, and treasure hunts, and smores, and lightning bugs, and did I mention the pool?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Central Park Sudoku - Finished!

Yet another quilt that languished in several spots along the process journey. It was just waiting for the right pieces, I guess?

It started when I fell in love with Central Park by Kate Spain. But not the animals. So when this Sudoku kit came across my path, I snatched it up. And I showed my mom and she said, "that looks like the horrible stuff we had in the 70s." Woo, modern fabrics!

I adore Sudoku, but keeping it in place throughout a quilt isn't that easy. You'd think it would be, but there was a lot of double checking.

The top was pieced over the summer of 2012.

I bought the borders back in Oklahoma...probably at least 18 months ago? Finally put them on in February. I'm still not positive the dark purple was the right decision. But clearly it's staying. They're both Good Fortune by Kate Spain.

It was quilted with loopy flowers back in March, and then it waited until I would not be able to quilt but still needed a finish. ;)

I had no binding in mind until I was out picking up my machine from its spa vacation at Bear Paw Quilting in May. A tiny skinny end bolt of Good Fortune was in their clearance. I grabbed it and hoped it was enough...and it was!

Photobombing overwhelmed my shoot. 

The Dude took off with it and declared that it was his. All that pink and purple? "Mom. It's minkee." Well.

I thought the size was a bit off - too big for a baby, too small for a lap. Apparently the right size for a boy.

And complimentary colors for the cat.

Monday, July 21, 2014

WiP - Diversity

I'm still bouncing all over the place this week, but at least I have some finishes to show for it! And some new skills to boot.

I quilted and bound my sister's Christmas tree skirt, and bound Central Park Sudoku. Making bias binding wasn't a new thing, but attaching it in a circle was. And it wasn't that hard!

Then I practiced a mitered border on a little panel piece from my husband's grandmother's stash. It worked okay... I went ahead and put the mitered border on my Wee Wander quilt. I'm so glad I learned the technique, because this is perfect. Straight borders wouldn't have cut it with this amazing border print.

I finally - finally - finished cutting my MIL's Ripples and Reflections, and made the first block. I'm keeping track - 1 hour to sew, 41 pieces.

And since working with Christmas, modern fabrics, 80s fabric, novelty fabric, and batiks wasn't enough for one week, I started one with homespun-style flannels.

When digging through Grandma's stash, I found two pillowcases with a design and her name and her husband's. And then I felt immense guilt because I've had the denim from her husband's jeans for three years and haven't made her a quilt yet. What kind of person puts off Grandma's quilt??

So I whipped together a plan, dug out these flannels from a kit, and got started!

And in between all this, I cut another neutral jelly roll for my vacation sewing. This is a new one to me - Plaster of Paris - that's very Grunge-like. The real jelly roll is California Girl, bought during my husband's last deployment. Fitting that I should work on it during this one!

Oh, yeah, and my Weekly Churn Dash. This is just a Joann's print, nothing special, but I love the pattern of the white dots and the random blue flowers.

And the design palette of the week! Orange, and I love the matching Kona names. {Photo courtesy of the EPA. Really!}

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Monday, July 14, 2014

WiP - Flimsy Finishing

The month of doing whatever continues, with a bunch of finishes!

First, I finished off the Christmas tree skirt for my sister. Waiting on a backing decision, and I'll probably quilt this at home so I can take it east with me.

Then my aunt made a decision on her final border and I finished up the Tennessee Waltz. And it was totally the right decision. This one will be quilted on the longarm, so not for a while yet.

And lastly, I ordered Wee Wander as a deployment gift for the kids, received it on Wednesday, and whipped it into a top by Sunday. Okay, it's not a complicated top, and it still needs to be trimmed, but I really enjoyed fussy cutting the adorable kids.

I'm going to miter the fabulous border, which I've never done. Debbie {A Quilter's Table} suggested Amy's Creative Side's tutorial - I've read it and I think I'm going to try on something smaller first. I don't want to mess up my lovelies!

And then there's my Weekly Churn Dash. The Dude and I bought this fabric during an Oklahoma Quilt Shop Hop a few years ago. He has pretty good taste.

Jennie {Porch Swing Quilts} is starting a palette linky. As it is Rainier Cherry season out here, I have one red thing on my brain. {Photo courtesy of Rainier Fruit Company.}

And finally, I cut 2.5" strips for a jelly roll quilt while I'm on the East Coast. Jelly rolls are easy travelers! This one is Hello Luscious by Basic Grey, with the cream Grunge from the same line, and it will become Avignon Picnic.

Of course, all these finishes leave me wondering what to do next...

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Monday, July 7, 2014

WiP - Doing Whatever I Want

So... I deliberately didn't take on much work this summer because it's my first one with two kids. Turns out, that was a really good plan, because now I'm also solo parenting for the summer.

So I have officially declared that I'm doing whatever I want in July. If I want to add things to my UFO list and not check anything off - fine. If I want to do Christmas in July - go for it. (As is Sew Lux, Fort Worth Fabrics, Quilt Story...) If I want to slice off part of my thumb...oops.

Case in point. Inspired by Winding Bobbins and using Sew Crafty Jess' measurements, I ran a rotary blade right over my thumb. Okay, that might not be their fault.

But anyway - my start on my sister's Christmas tree skirt. Which is adorable and doesn't have any blood on it...thank goodness.

And since there was a little too much desert khaki in my life last week, I pulled out some fabrics I got out of the Cozy Quilt's sale section. They were leftover from a applique quilt, and random sizes, so I ran a couple quick calculations and made an Ohio Star/Nine Patch/Irish Chain baby quilt.

I don't have any reason for it, and I'm not going to be quilting it any time soon, but I hung it up on the railing and the bright colors make me happy. And CC loves to hide behind it for sneak attacks.

And of course, my red scraps always make me happy. The real challenge this month is to not use all Sandy Gervais Valentine's fabrics.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Halfway Through 2014 Review/July Goals

I was just going to do a quickie Finish-Along round-up for the last three months, but since it's halfway through the year, it seems like a good place to stop and take stock.

For starters, major life changer:
After almost 2.5 years in process and two years since referral, the Little Man finally came home. He's been home almost eight weeks now and things are going well. He still won't speak English other than CC, no, out, kitty, and ammo {in reference to Nerf gun darts...thanks, Dad.} But since the lack of communication is our only complaint, we're doing really well.

I got a half marathon PR in the beginning of the year, which means all the rest of this year's can just be "finish at any time." Woo! Which was definitely necessary in Portland and Seattle.

In sewing, I've completed 12 quilts.
Three customer quilts - T-shirt QuiltVera Bradley QuiltT-Shirt Quilt
One start that wasn't on the UFO list {that was actually completely done from scraps} - Pretty in Pink
Five already-started-and-stopped UFOs - Chunky Log Cabin / Four Patch Frenzy / Skorca! / Cat Tails / Flirt Marks the Spot
Three projects that I already had planned and purchased the fabric - Road to Oklahoma / Owl Always Love You / Goodnight Monkey

I also made some table runners and wall hangings and some more table runners and an ironing board cover and did I mention the table runners?

And I finished off some tops to join the neverending "to be quilted" list. {And other ones got quilted, but they're close enough to finished that I'm just ignoring them for now.}

How's the list looking? Still pretty bad...but there's more crossed off than added, I think. I won't be quilting as much this summer, since quilting will cost me babysitting fees as well. My plan for July is to piece whatever the heck I feel like, whenever the heck I feel like it. It's summer.

Chevron Baby Quilt - pieced, awaiting quilting
Vera Bradley Stars Quilt - finished!
Witch Table Runner - quilted, hand-stitching binding
Wedding Quilt - waiting for the blocks to be sent back
Christmas Tree Skirt/Stockings - due Dec. 2014
Tammy's Running T-Shirt Quilt - finished!
Lori's Running T-Shirt Quilt - finished!
Tennessee Waltz - added 5/14 - pieced to borders
Celtic Love Knot - added 5/14 - planned, awaiting fabric choices
Space Twin Bed Quilts - added 6/14 - awaiting pattern choice

Awaiting Binding
Christmas Stars
Heart Table Runner - finished!
Frolicking Pinwheels 1
Ornament Table Runner
Postage Stamp Table Runner
Sunkissed Pillow
Four Patch Frenzy 1 - finished!
Central Park Sudoku - my AYOLF goal for July. I even have the binding, so it's probably a total cheat, but whatever. It'll definitely get done.
Reverse Heart - added 2/14 - finished!
Striped Table Runners

To Be Quilted
Leftover Bunting Quilt
Christmas Sampler
Baby Owls finished!
Toy Story 1

Partially Pieced
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2013
Four Patch Frenzy 2
Frolicking Pinwheels 2
Log Cabin Shoes

Polaroid Quilt
Strip XOs
Woven Snowmen
Cat Flying Geese
Toy Story 2
Little Dude's foster mother's Road to Oklahoma - finished!
Bedtime Monkey - finished!

Just Needs Borders
Flirt Marks the Spot - finished!
Bonnie & Camille Spin Cycle {and justifiable, waiting for Miss Kate's release to finish}

Block of the Month/Week
{as in, I will be piecing it throughout the year with no hurry to finish}
Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014

{as in, I already own the fabric & pattern}
Coffee panels and yardage
Lone Star
Pez Schnibble

Voila Pumpkin Kit
Trip Around the World
California Girl Double Hourglass - this one, and Luscious, are my Something Old goals for the month. I know - how can they be old if they haven't been started yet? I've had both jelly rolls with a planned pattern for two years, so I think that qualifies. And I'll be visiting family for two weeks, so what's easier than a couple jelly roll projects?
Hello Luscious Avignon Picnic
Mason Jar quilt
Homespun + Jeans
Star Wars Pixelated

Scrap Project
{as in, scraps that are partially pieced in some way and enough to make a mini or pillow, or there's enough that I can get another entire quilt out of it and am therefore unwilling to separate them...}
Civil War Scraps
HST Joy Scraps
Winnie the Pooh Scraps

Sew Cherry HST Scraps
Fairy Scraps
Saturday Sampler '11 Scraps
Pink Hunter Star Scraps
Blue Hunter Star Scraps
Steelers Scraps
Flirt Scraps

Small Project
{already in some stage of production}
OU/OSU Bunting
Crayon Rolls
Car Organizer

Red Suede Purse
A ridiculous number of pants that need hems or elastic repaired
Ironing board cover - finished!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Running T-Shirt Quilt - Finished!

Haven't I written this title before? Like, recently?

Well, I guess that's what happens when you run, you have a running buddy, and you belong to a running club...

And this one is for my running buddy, Lori. And it broke my heart right there to cut up the Princess and OKC and Disneyland Half shirts. Those were OUR races! Sniffle.

Of course, I quilted in hidden Mickeys again.

She's a photographer for a travel magazine {Islands} and picked up the backing in Hawaii. She also mails me little stacks of Hawaiian fabrics every time she's there, and I'm hoarding them {and the backing scraps} for a Hawaiian quilt for her 40th birthday, which we're celebrating by running a half together in Hawaii. And more importantly, this happens before my fortieth...hahahaha!

Talk about a missed opportunity for shirt designers - a Superhero half with this shirt?

I really pushed for a different binding, but darn it all if she wasn't right. This same one was auditioned for the last t-shirt quilt and was far too red-violet. Here, it doesn't appear reddish at all and works perfectly.

The border is Christmas fabric - Laurie Wisbrun's Brrr. Sssh, don't tell anyone!

I also made her a pillow from the back of the Philly shirt. It was her first half, and it was too big to go in the grid, so it deserved its own little spot.

All photos are courtesy of Lori. Isn't it nice to see professional quality photos for once?

Okay, here's one from me. CC got kicked off the quilt while we were rearranging the blocks. She was pouting. Everyone say "poor, poor CC. At least the Little People animals still love you."