Thursday, February 6, 2014

Road to Oklahoma - Washington Style - Finished!

So...this quilt. Bittersweet, on so many levels.

See, our son in Korea lives with a foster family. It's about the only thing that's helped in the almost-two-year process of bringing him home - at least he's not in an orphanage, and from the pictures and videos, his foster mom seems to being doing a great job.

So as a thank you, I wanted to make her a quilt. And I chose the block, Road to Oklahoma, because at the time, we lived in Oklahoma and I really thought he'd be with us before we moved.

I scribbled out my own pattern - and I still can't decide if it would have looked better if I did a full half block out, with the four patches continuing as well as the star. But I do kind of like the four patches as rings.

The whole home-to-Oklahoma thing didn't happen, so I purchased the fabrics during the move. {Little place in Sun Valley - great customer service when you realize you added wrong and didn't have enough purple, months later.}

My mother-in-law actually picked out most of the fabrics - the blue is the same as the border in her Ripples and Reflections. Bold batiks and Kaffe Fassett are very far out of my comfort range, but these work amazingly well together. It's all based on a purse the foster mom has had with her whenever she visits the agency.

The backing is purple flannel - basic and cozy. The binding is more of the gold - when I added less on the purple, I added more on the gold, so there was just enough for binding. So it was totally planned!

The backing shows the quilting better than the front - a freehand swirl. I'm not great at it, but I can do it, and fill in the space consistently, and easily get out of an area after filling it. So it's progress.

I have the label ready to stitch down. Nothing on it yet - I want to find someone local who can write Korean. Because an English label doesn't help much in this case!

And at this point, my toes were frostbitten, so I snapped one last shot and hoped everything would come out, because I was NOT going back out there. We're well into the negatives with wind chill.

Oh, look - CC finally started using her bed! Maybe we can finally co-exist in the sewing room!

No, wait, never mind.

She may look sweet and innocent, but this is the stuff of horror movies. Sewing nicely along, then KAPOW! Claws out of nowhere! My arms look like they've been slashed by teeny tiny razor blades.

But anyway. Foster mom's quilt, check. Court date, check. Just need to make the Little Man's quilt and make it through the court process/embassy appointments, and we're finally done with this thing!




  1. What a beautiful gift. Can't wait till all deliveries are complete! ;-)

  2. Your quilt is going to be so loved - it is beautiful. I am sure CC brings much laughter to your home.

  3. Great quilt! I know it will be appreciated and treasured. Cute cat pics....I can see how that would be a problem, but cute:)

  4. Road to OK turned out beautifully. I love the rich colors you used.

    Good luck with all the adoption stuff, hope things keep humming along smoothly on that front.

  5. This is beautiful! I love the bold colors in this, and I really like the rings around the stars. Lovely choice!

  6. Lovely quilt. I definitely like the blocks the way you did them with the blue-green rings. I always feel like a quilt is incomplete when blocks on point don't finish a motif. Here's to your patience holding out.

  7. Such a beautiful quilt. Totally out of my comfort zone too, but you did so well with it.

    By the way. If you ever want to get rid of the demon cat, my kids want her. Slashing razor blades and all. I'm totally serious. :)

  8. This is an awesome quilt. I am sure that they will appreciate it. My good friend and neighbor is Korean, but that probably won't help with your label, because I am in Utah. Good luck!

  9. This quilt is beautiful!! I never would have thought to put Kaffe and batiks together. . . I have a huge stash of both... wheels turning :) I just love how the colors play so well together :)

    Good luck with getting your son home soon!

  10. Your quilt is beautiful! But your cat is just darling! Although I do understand the horror movie aspect of it!!! :)

  11. All the best to you in the adoption process. The quilt is lovely, and purple is my favorite color. Try your public library for someone to help you with translation, or at least to hook you up with someone who can do it for you. Don't trust internet sites to translate properly...they can come out pretty weird.

  12. It is beautiful! I had to chuckle as I was braving the snow for quilt pics the other day, too...: ) And yes it is cold outside, brr...

  13. I am sure the foster mom will cherish your quilt as she has your son! The cat is darling under your sewig machine bed but I have also suffered claw marks plenty of times to cringe when you mentioned it. Thanks for joining Feline Friday and we hope to see you again this friday =^..^=

  14. Kate! I don't know how I missed this post - I'll be so glad when my thesis is done and I can go back to regular poring over all my favorite blogs! This quilt is beautiful. I'll bet she loved getting it. Did you find someone to write the Korean for you?

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