Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Progress - TV Binges

This week, I watched every episode of Downton Abbey and Sherlock.

Oh, right, quilts.

Um, thanks to the binging of DA and Sherlock, I finished off two quilts this week.

{Oh, and actually watching DA did nothing to cure me of my desire for the fabric. I even want Edith's colorway now. Oh, Edith. And watching Sherlock did nothing to cure me of my desire for Benedict Cumberbatch. Though who needs a cure for that? Yum.}

QUILTS. Um, yes. That's what this post is about.


Vera Bradley - just a sneak peek. The binding is on, and I'm busy burying the quilting tails. Full post on Friday.

Weekly Churn Dash - a favorite pink scrap from Bad Romance. Look, it's an adorable birdie in the top left HST!

And all four of the pinks.

And I looked through my notes on last year's RSC, decided on the number of blocks I want, and made the remaining pinks. 

Mostly because I knew I needed more beige Dimples to set this one, and I need it for Cat Tails, and I need it for something else but I need to find my notes on that after I remember what THAT is, so I can put in one order. 

Finishing old projects sucks when you can't find your notes.

Almost finished piecing the top for Reverse Hearts.

And since I'm almost done with Hearts, and I finished a commissioned quilt and a baby quilt and a UFO this month... {Oh, yeah, I pieced the back for Chunky Log Cabin and I'm quilting it today. Freehand feathers within the zig-zags. I'm terrified!}

Anyway, with all those finishes, it was time to start something fun for me. This is Spin Cycle by Cluck Cluck Sew and it's wonderful. The instructions are clear, it goes together rather quickly, and the blocks are adorable. Mine is from hoarded Bonnie and Camille fabrics.

Oh, and it's prettier than the picture. These were all taken late afternoon during a snowfall, so the lighting was terrible. But the snow is pretty!

And I organized my batting - very big chunks, chunks, strips, skinny strips, and a bag of too-small bits. The skinny strips are being chopped into rag quilt size. The scraps are going to be scissored into pillow stuffing size.

But when you share the sewing room with the playroom, and you clear the floor of project boxes and batting scraps, something else begins to take over...



  1. you've been busy creating, AND sorting. Good job you!
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. Haha!! How funny! We've been heavy on Downton and Sherlock for the last two weeks. Just a couple episodes left on DA before we hit the fourth season. Waiting to see if the end of 3 makes Scott as angry as it did me. ;D All your pinks are so pretty, and YES - it drives me nuts when I can't find notes for old projects. Somewhere I have a box that has portions of and the notes for 3 of my UFOs that I've really been wanting to work on again. As soon as the weather is reliably nice, we're going to empty out the garage and finish going through the last of the moving flotsam so I can find those.

  3. Love all the pinks! Most of my lost things are usually right in front of me. Mick is always having to come help me what I'm looking for. Sometimes my daughter can find just the right box with my goodies without even knowing what's in them. A little ESP going there.

  4. There is a reason for tv watching - hand work! Love your finish.

  5. You are so funny! I still haven't seen Downton Abbey, well maybe three episodes when my hubby wasn't around, and I don't know what season they were. I am going to have to get the set so I can watch them in my sewing room!

  6. Such fun projects. I love the quilting on the sneak peek. I can't wait to see your feathered quilting (I have been practicing drawing them on BIG paper). And I love those reverse hearts.

  7. Wow, lots going on in your sewing room. Very fun Spin Cycle blocks!

  8. Okay, Sherlock is on my list for this summer when the law student (well, he'll be a graduate then) is studying for the bar and I'll be super bored at night. But I'll be able to chat all the livelong day about Downton.

    And I bought some Downton. Just a few prints, but I totally love them. I wish I liked Mary's fabrics better, because she's my very most favorite character ever.

    Love your finishes, and can't wait to see more Spin Cycle blocks.

  9. What fun projects and sharing your quilt room is a challenge! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  10. Love the pink hearts. I also agree that sharing your sewing room with the playroom sucks. I finally got mine all to myself by moving and I love it!

  11. Wow, you have been busy! Love the spin cycle WIP---can't wait to see it done!

    Would love for you to stop by and link this up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday

  12. You'll love season 4 of Downton Abbey. It finished here last Sunday and sure leaves you waiting for the next installment. You've been very busy and I just love the latest project.

  13. You have been very busy, I really need to do some organizing. You lave lots of pretty blocks.

  14. I love DA and Sherlock too! I just sorted batting and was able to piece together pieces for two quilts. Now what I have left will turn into coaster and used in table toppers. I love your churn dash blocks, I have never made one, maybe some coasters are a great place to try this traditional pattern.

  15. So many pretty projects in the works. Glad that PBS has given you an excuse to sit and sew a bit. Great job on the batting scraps. Sounds like you have the perfect plan in place.

  16. I have the same problem with floor space! :). I find I have to be especially protective of my coffee table, which I use for cutting, sorting, etc., or it disappears under crayons, trains, and books!

  17. Love all your blocks! A lot going on. Going to enjoy watching you make these blocks in different colors this year.
    I agree with you about Sherlock Holmes. Smart is the new sexy as Sherlock likes to say.