Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Goals

I'm trying to decide if I should go big for February's goal, or be conservative since it's only 28 days. And I should spend some of those days cleaning out the Little Man's room.

But eh - I don't have a race until May 18, so I have all my training time to spend cleaning in the sewing room, so...

It's totally cheating, since it just needs binding, so it's pretty safe to say I'll get it done this month. Probably even this week.

I also want to get the binding on Four Patch Frenzy. But first I need to find the binding. Which I bought last week. And already vanished into the piles in my sewing room.

Which brings me to my next task - I want to spend 15 minutes every day organizing the sewing room. Because I lost the binding. And a table runner pattern, which I need for a class in March. And my list of stars for the FQS-Along - and I literally found it last week and lost it again. Aah!

Ahem. Anyway. That's about it for binding, unless I make headway in the pile of table runners.

I'd like to complete Cat Tails to a top, mainly so CC will stop attacking it. She finds fabric cats very offensive.

I want to make the top for the Little Man's quilt. I'm appliqueing a sock monkey, so I need to do some figuring and fabric ordering. The rest of the quilt is strip pieced.

I want to get as far along this project as I can - a friend sent me scraps from Vera Bradley, and I want to get the completed project back to her before we go to Korea in March. The grey {Kona Silver} is the background fabric.

And of course, keeping up with FQS, Celtic Solstice, Winter BOM, and Weekly Churn Dash - so excited this month is pink! I need to do some damage to my pink box. It's a little...overflowing. For starters, I want to frame these panel blocks for a wall hanging, and do a reverse heart quilt.



  1. Looks like you have some great projects to work on no matter what you choose. I recently moved so my sewing room is still pretty orderly, but that can change in an afternoon! I can't work when it's a mess.

  2. Humm,this list does not sound very conservative to me ;) Good luck on your finishes!

  3. I hate it when I keep finding and losing stuff in the sewing room. Organization is high on my list this month. Gotta figure out a fabric mess.

    Love what you're working on. Conservative or not, it's a great list.

  4. Good luck with all your goals. Looking forward to seeing how you use the Vera Bradley fabrics, they are gorgeous.

  5. Okay, I love your sock monkeys. Such fun projects to work on this month.