Friday, January 31, 2014

January - the Starting Month

Even though I only finished three things, January was a pretty decent month. I got a lot done on a lot of projects, I finished off a really hard training program with a really good PR, and oh...


It's mid-March - a little further out than we were hoping, but it gives us plenty of time to book flights, plan the trip, and, um, clean out the poor kid's room. He still won't come home after this court date - there's another waiting period before we go back to Korea - but this is final end game stuff. No later than April before we're finally a complete family.

So, anyway. Finishes.

Heart Table Runner / Rain Run Half Marathon

Finished and/or Quilted Tops
{Don't be too impressed. FPF was already pieced a long time ago, and CPS just needed borders. Of course, R2OK was started and finished to binding, so nevermind - go ahead and be impressed.

Worked On
{CC has a very personal vendetta against the Cat Tails. She is intent on destroying them. The rows are mostly stitched together, though, despite her best efforts.}

{And Road to Oklahoma up there.}



  1. Happy news! April is just a few weeks away.It will pass by in no time!

    Great quilt finishes.

  2. Hi!!!! You had a lot of finishes!!!! Great starts too!!!! I am doing the Christmas BOM too!!!!

  3. You were quite industrious and created lots of lovelies! Great news on your growing family.

  4. Your little snow man quilt is going to be so cute. Wonderful news, btw!

  5. Gorgeous quilts, I hope all goes well with your court case, I know you won't settle until your boy comes home :)

    Peg x

  6. January was a very productive month!

  7. Seems like you've been busy to me!

    April will be here before you know it. Sending best wishes for all the steps involved.