Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly Progress - HSTs

Somehow I got stuck trimming down bunches of HSTs this week. And I bounced around on a couple different projects - product of not being in the sewing room for a couple weeks. You'd think I'd chose something that doesn't involve so much trimming!

The final layout for Celtic Solstice has been revealed! And I'm changing it. I prefer the stars from the chevrons this way over the boxes in the original design.

CC is delightful, as always.

More HSTs in the Road to Oklahoma {Washington style} quilt. All the four patches are made, all the HST are sewn but not trimmed. I'm working through it a block at a time, trying to get all the seams turned the right way so that everything nests up nicely.

And look, I got a design wall! Just need a place to hang it up. So that CC can tear it down.

AND {obviously I missed sewing over the holidays} I finished off the baby owls top early last week. Backing is purchased, binding is prepped...and the baby shower isn't for a couple weeks! I just have to schedule some longarm time once I have a couple more things to quilt.

AND {I know, right?} I decided on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge for this year. I'm going with sweet and simple churn dashes and showcasing some of my favorite scraps. This is the border from my Layer Cake Quilt Along which was made with one of my all-time favorite lines.

AND {seriously} since I had the blue bin out, I cut out the squares for the chevron baby quilt. Then I cut some Kona Bone. Then I sewed them. Then I ran sprints, and in between each mile repeat, I cut them apart and trimmed.

Now I have this! And the knowledge that I can run four miles at sprint pace. With a breather in between.

And because I'm not allowed to work on the new without a bit of the old, I'm slowly sewing together Flirt. There's a LOT of seams to be matched up, so I can only handle two or so in a row. But I should be done this week and then it's time to decide on a border!



  1. My head is spinning a bit - you are a rock star! Sprints and HSTs and churn dashes and Flirt and I'm so confused! But it looks productive, even with the kitten in the middle!

  2. Wow you are busy. Can't wait to see the finished products!

  3. Wow! Kate, you came back with a vengeance. ;D I really love your variation on Celtic Solstice. It looks perfect with your pretty colors. And Flirt's so cool!

  4. I love all of those designs!
    I see you have a kitty that likes to get in the middle of picture taking too LOL

  5. Love all of your projects. We see eye-to-eye on a lot of things! I love the churn dash. It's my second favorite block. I may steal that idea, because I haven't figured out just WHAT I'm doing for the scrap challenge I guess I should get with it, eh?

  6. Love your CS layout! It's going to be a gorgeous quilt! Somehow I'm in the same boat with all those half square triangles that need to be trimmed for CS, Inverted Star and Angela's Rainbow sampler.

  7. I feel like I have run wind sprints after that run down of your quilting endeavors. So many fun projects. Love the simple classic blocks for RSC

  8. You, my dear, have lots of energy! I like how you describe being unfocused as "bouncing around," as I do that a lot myself, and I may just have to borrow that description! I found you through the Linky Party at Sew Many Ways - thanks for sharing your work and your blog!

  9. Don't know what to say other than wow! You are up to a lot. I love that your break from sprinting is cutting HSTs. Very cute quilt came from it.

  10. You are so in the world do you do it?? Love your work. You are so talented. I feel so silly, but I do not know what half the initials stand for that you good quilters use. I need a “cheat sheet” to help me out. genie

  11. So many great projects! I'm working on a Road to Oklahoma too a block at a time. Your Flirt quilt looks so cheery.