Friday, January 24, 2014

Owl Always Love You - Finished!

Pardon me - there's going to be some owl puns in this post.

It'll be a hoot.

I promise.

This is the Simply Stripes baby quilt by Amy Smart. And whoooo knew? It definitely lives up to its name - I whipped it together in a couple hours.

I fudged the measurements a little - my fat quarters weren't quite 22" so my blocks ended up 10" finished. I shrank the stripes a smidge, too - mine were 5.25/2/1.5/3.25" unfinished.

Best part of this tutorial? Very few seams to match {just in the rowing} and no bulky seams to press. I took the time and alternated pressing within each row {normally I just do all row one to the left, all row two to the right, and onwards.} Then I spun the block seams, and v-owl-a, no bulk anywhere!

Quilted it with big, easy loops. Because I'm lazy I wanted to echo the loops in the fabric. And it's a baby quilt - it should be soft and loose.

New this year - I'm labeling quilts. It only took me five years to get to the point that I want people to know they're mine. Lyn {from What a Hoot...I swear, that's not a pun!} pinned a whole bunch of cute labels, and I was inspired to do a little more. So there's little owls poking their heads out.

And yes, I know there's nothing written on the label. I added that after pictures, rather than trying to edit out the info.

The fabric is a FQ set that I won from the Fabric Spot during the Finish-Owl-long last year. Riley Blake - Life in the Jungle

I didn't think owls hung out in jungles with toucans and hedgehogs, but what do I know?

CC, of course, helped bind.

The backing is an orange chevron flann-owl from Joann's. Binding is more of the FQs. I used up almost all of the eight-piece set to make this.

And now it is off to a baby shower this weekend!

After one measly half marathon, that is.

Owl be seeing you!



  1. Cute quilt. Good luck with your half marathon, that's half more of a marathon than I could do!

  2. LOL - Kate, you make me laugh! This turned out really terrific - love the colors, and enjoy your half!

  3. Yuck yuck yuck! Yer killin' me. Adorable quilt. Great quilting. Baby quilts should be soft and loose, so you made the right choice there. Or the lazy one, but whatevs. Love it.

  4. Love the puns. I have a verrrry pun-y son, so I am used to them! Cute quilt!

  5. Owl am amazed. You your quilt is awesome.

  6. What a hoot of a quilt. I'm sure there will be screeches of delight when it's opened. (Sorry couldn't resist)

  7. Love the loops on the baby quilt, soft and snuggly. Thanks for the link for the labels, I'm try to get started with labels as well. Great quilt!

  8. Wowl! The quilt is adorable. Loopy lines are my favorite to FMQ.

  9. oh so very pretty love the owls and the colors you chose
    come see me at

  10. That is so adorable -- I love the hedgehogs!

  11. This is adorable, I love it! And holy cow… you are on. a. roll.