Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekly Progress - Final Approval!!

Sewing? Who cares about sewing? WE HAVE FINAL APPROVAL!!

This long, long, loooooong journey is finally at an end. But not without another little government hiccup - the embassy is closed for most of next week, so we have to wait just a bit longer to go pick him up. Because of course.

But, deep breath. It's almost done.

And I did get some sewing done this week!

Pretty in Pink - finished!

Goodnight Monkey - quilted and binding prepped. That will be finished off ASAP so it can go with us to Korea. Because I get to get my son soon!! {Have I mentioned that? I don't know if I mentioned that.}

Striped Table Runners - started quilting the myriad of these. I finished the daisy ones and the long spring-y ones. Hexagon spring-y ones are pinned and ready to go, witch ones are on the bottom of the long backing piece.

Oh, and once I remove the daisy backing, I'll add Dutch table runners. Because when you cut one off, another grows in its place. {Hail Hydra!}

{I should probably remove my row markers before quilting...}

And since by the end of last week, I knew I wasn't going to be flying to Korea this week, I went ahead and finished Cat Tails and scheduled quilting for tomorrow. Just because I really want to finish Cat Tails.

Weekly Churn Dash - this one...hmm. I know I've used it before, because it's not a full FQ. But I can't remember where. I told you the purple scraps weren't all that meaningful!

Spin Cycle - two more blocks added. 18/25 done.

A random question. I've been working on updating my pages at the top. Since I do a lot of baby quilts, there's...a lot of quilts. I think I have 50-60 finished ones?

Anyway, what do people think is the best way to display that? Quilts by year? By category? Smaller thumbnails so you don't have to scroll past twenty quilts? Collages? No one actually ever checks past works so who cares?

And lastly...I finally gave in and joined Instagram. In case you want to see daily pictures of Bad Kitten being bad, instead of weekly ones. {Or Korea pics. Because I'm going to Korea!! To get my son!!!}



  1. yay for a finish and I really am liking "Spin Cycle". As for all the quilts - I kind of like by year as a record for myself...If I knew how to do thumbnails, I might do that rather than having to scroll down....hmmm. I'm curious too.

  2. You have been sewing a lot......all wonderful.

  3. So thrilled for you and your family! I like looking at blogger's quilts by category - baby - donation - bed - wall hangings, etc....
    Have a safe trip and looking forward to seeing pictures of your biys together.

  4. I like seeing quilts by category, but a lot of quilters like to do it by year so they can keep track of what they do.

    1. PS: Meant to say, congratulations on moving forward with the adoption!

  5. So exciting! Go to Korea and get your son. Congratulations.

  6. Oh my, congratulations!! How exciting that must be, the embassy closed for a few days, ughhhhh. That must be so frustrating, but just think perhaps if all goes well you will be holding that little bundle of joy for the next design wall. Love all your quilts and congratulations!

  7. Oh, WOW!!!!! I am so excited for you! Seriously! You've been waiting for that approval for so very, very long. It's such good news that your family will finally be together. :D I'm always in awe of how much quilt work you accomplish. Love the monkey and the kitties, and the churn dash is going to be marvelous. About the display - I love surfing people's past works when I need a brain break or inspiration or just want to pass some time. I think a page for each main type is great when there are a lot of quilts you want to share - I've seen stuff like a baby quilt tab with a table of medium-sized thumbnails linked to post pages arranged by descending year as you moved down the tab page. That's a real nice setup to browse through.

  8. Looks like you've really been busy. Congratulations on the adoption. I hope it all goes smoothly from here on in.

  9. Congrats, it won't be long before you'll have your son in your arms!! Beautiful work too!

  10. Hooray!

    Okay, are you getting organized on me? I've been wondering the same thing, although you are already 10 steps ahead of me. I think one big page with photo thumbnails would be spectacular, but this is coming from the girl who has no idea how to do that at all!


  12. That is super exciting news!!! So happy for your family. I'm a chronological person, so I do by the year. Do what works for you.

  13. Ooh, congrats on your boy coming home soon!

  14. Congrats! Safe travels to you and your family. I just love the cat tails quilt. Enjoy your time with your new son.

  15. This is such exciting news. Safe trip. Your son is one lucky little fellow!
    Such great projects. Love cat tails. I'll have to put it on my list of quilts I'd like to make.

  16. You have been very busy. Have a safe trip to Korea and I hope you will see your son as soon as possible, you must be so excited. I know I would be.

  17. Congratulations! Love your projects, too.