Monday, March 31, 2014

March - Big Events for My Boys Month

I haven't posted in two and a half weeks...gosh, I wonder where I might have been! ;)

If you need a hint, "Eolmana ma?" is how you say "how much for a yard?" at a Korean fabric market. Sort of.

And this is what 15 yards for $45 looks like.

And that other thing we went to Korea for...I think that went well. Honestly, I'm not going to breathe again until we get initial approval. But, we met the Little Man and he flopped right down on the quilt I made for his foster mother and hugged it, so I like him already.


Both long-time UFOs, so good to knock those off the list.

Some smaller projects...

...a table runner for a friend...

...a pillowcase for the Dude...

...and a birthday table runner. For my NINE YEAR OLD.

Central Park Sudoku / Reverse Hearts - Hearts is now bound but not all the threads are buried. CPS is waiting for binding.

Spin Cycle - adding a few blocks every week. By the way, who bet on 2.5 months before Little Miss Fluffy Tail ripped the design wall down?

Bedtime Monkey {my NewFO} - done to the applique. I can't decide if the monkey ought to have shoulders. He looks a bit weird without them.

Striped Tablerunners - I took a class on these at the beginning of the month and whipped together a few more. Only the birthday ones have been quilted so far.

Weekly Churn Dash - quickly polished off the last two {bottom row} this weekend. The darker teal is from Boardwalk, and the other is, of course, my most favorite fabric ever, the Lovely from my Celtic Solstice. {Does it count as a scrap if you're not done with the quilt yet?}

And speaking of Solstice, I didn't do any sewing on it this month. In fact, I unsewed. I decided the pinwheel centers in Block B were too distracting, so I used the 12+ hour plane rides to rip some seams, and the down time in Seoul to sketch out a plan.

And I dug out Toy Story 1 and discovered it was a whole six seams from finished. So now it's a top.



  1. Hi!!! Wow!!!! You have been very busy!!!!! They are all wonderful and I love your churndash blocks!!!! I think your little monkey looks like he is doing a pull up from behind the unless your really strong your shoulders wouldn't show!!!!!! I can tell you like to have fun!!!!!

  2. I'm digging the owls in your Korean fabric purchases! I agree that the monkey needs shoulders.

  3. Your Churn-Dash blocks are so pretty. I love the color selection.And, I am positive Fluffy Tail had a good reason for the design wall mishap! lol

  4. That's a nice pile of fabric for 45! It's so awful that they're dragging the adoption out and out and out like this. It's all political, isn't it? I'm glad you have your other son to love on and do things with while you wait - it must be like magnifying the military-living mindset of not knowing what will happen times a hundredfold. Hang in there!!! Shoulders on the monkey would be really cute if you want them, but I don't think he looks weird at all as he is.

  5. Lots of lovelies in there! Well done for a very productive month. Visiting from Fresh Sewing Day

  6. You have been very busy! Visiting from BoM's away. I've always wanted the Korea fabric buying experience, but not quite enough to be stationed there :) Good luck with the adoption!

  7. Those all look great! I vote no shoulders on the monkey--it's so cute!! And I'm loving those spin cycle blocks, they look awesome!!

  8. Lots of eye candy here. Thanks for linking up!

  9. Wow - lots of lovely projects! Very nice.

  10. Wow, you had a great March even with all the travel time in there!

  11. Wow, you have been busy!! :) That's quite a stack for $45 dollars! Loving your spin cycle blocks, they are coming along nicely!