Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Week 38

This week and especially the last couple of days have been brutal on the sewing front. The Dude was sick - with croup, of all things - which he gave to me in the form of a bad cold. I've been texting and emailing people like mad because I have no voice to talk on the phone, and I'm in the final days of preparing the squadron holiday party. And then my husband came home with a stomach bug.
Thankfully, it will all be over on Friday - at least the holiday party part! And then we can all focus on getting better, and maybe getting some sewing done. The Dude is taking his first sewing class on Saturday - I'm very excited for him!

Hunter's Star, round two - 90 light blue half-blocks, 6/90 dark blue blocks
Fat Quarter Stars - two blocks behind
Argyle Quilt Along {Fall-gyle} - top done until I start seam picking
LQS Saturday Sampler - picked up next month's, haven't started it yet
Quiltville Orca Bay {Skorca!} - 50/112 B&W QSTs, 9/36 red strings
Christmas Sewing:
 Grinch panel quilt - niece - top and back are pieced, ready for basting
Rudolph panel quilt - the Dude - started cutting fabric
Star Wall Hanging - finished attaching the borders

Advent Calendar - my only near finish of the week. It just needs borders, thread clipped, minimal quilting and a wash to get rid of the embroidery guidelines.

Untouched This Week:

Awaiting Quilting:

New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 17

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  1. I smile every time I see that penguin in your posts!! hehe

    The advent calendar looks great.

  2. yikes - sounds like an overwhelming week for you!! Great your advent calendar is almost done!

  3. Love your strings, I'm doing red too! I'm a retired Army Wife, where and when were you in TX? We were there twice :-)

  4. I love the calendar and the Penguin! Thanks for sharing. I saw this at WIP.