Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Stash Report - Week 45

So...experienced my first earthquake last night. I slept through the one on Saturday morning, but was awake for the record-breaking 5.6 earthquake on Saturday night. I thought it was the wind, at first - everything is the wind in Oklahoma.
We're starting to become magnets for bad weather - an earthquake, a rare heat burst in June, hottest summer on record, 2nd largest amount of snowfall in Spokane history, tornadoes hitting three different towns within two weeks of us moving there... We'll give fair warning to the next place we move.

In stash news, I bought 3 yards for backing the Fall-gyle quilt.

Nothing out - I'm still working on quilting the Steelers quilt. I should have both quilts done this week - I really want both on display at my annual craft show!

Used this Week: 0
Used Year to Date: 112.78
Added this Week: 3
Added Year to Date: 155.95
Net Used for 2011: (44.17) yards

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  1. Beautiful backing fabric.

    It seems a lot of people felt the quake - last time I looked over 55,000 people had left comments on the USGS website.

    I'm wondering if we're going to have another big quake tonight or just a bunch of small ones, which I am not feeling and that's ok. Being awake for 2 quakes is enough!


  2. Oooh, I like the backing fabric you picked, it will go great with the quilt.

    I can deal with the tornados and the heat, but I draw the line at earthquakes! I think those rank right up there with hurricanes as natural hazards I'd as soon avoid!

  3. This is the perfect back for your Fall-gyle quilt project. It was last year and this year has been no different for all kinds of visits from Mother Nature. Wonder who got her flustered? Sandi