Monday, November 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Week 47

I'm combining link parties with this one.
First up, the design wall - Christmas Stars Wall Hanging.
I mentioned I was sewing the side 2.5" squares as leaders/enders. Except I never actually counted how many I'd need. My plan was two rows, to line up with the skaters on the top and bottom. Um, obviously I went past that. Luckily my Advent calendar will be the same fabrics, so I guess it's going to be getting a 2.5" squares border, too.

Second, Orca Bay. Which has already been renamed Skorca. Which is my favorite Penguins of Madagascar episode of all time. What? You don't have a favorite episode? You must not live with a six year old boy.
Bonnie said red is the most prominent, then black, then blue. My scrap bins said blue (the sky) is the most prominent, then black (the orca), a touch of red? 
{Skorca! Aaah! Who can be safe from the terror that swims the skies?}
3.25" squares are slowly becoming HSTs, which will be turned into the required QSTs. Skipper will be guarding the project.

Check out more design walls at Patchwork Times, and more Orca Bay progress at Quiltville!


  1. Your Christmas Stars wall hanging is really cute. I love star quilts. I'm just watching all the progress on everyone's Orca Bay quilts.

  2. Love those Madagascar penquins!! Can't wait to see your quilt in progress! :-)

  3. Oh, the Christmas Stars is looking beautiful! I printed out the instructions for Orca Bay, but just don't have the time for it now. I'm sure looking forward to seeing everyone's quilts, though! :o)

  4. LOVE that you're using Bonnie's colours but swapping the positions. Sounds like it will work brilliantly and be very different. Great job :)

  5. Love the black and white and your little penguin friend seems to, too.

  6. I really like your colour plan - it will be interesting to see it compared to Bonnie's design.

  7. I think your quilt is going to look great with the black fabrics you are using.