Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Week 35

After finishing up all the in-progress chunky log cabin blocks - and hating them - I needed something light and easy to work on.
Thank you, Jo and Moda Bakeshop. I already had the Sunkissed charm packs, so I made HSTs out of one and 4-patches out of the other.
I wanted to lay out the log cabin in a barn raising pattern, but my awful color choices will prevent that. This one will end up being my barn raising.
I didn't have the jelly roll that the pattern calls for, so mine will only be about 48x56" without borders, but that's a good size baby quilt.

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  1. Katie, don't give up on your Chunky Log Cabin. I think it has lots of potential. Sure like how you are using the Sunkissed charm packs. Sandi

  2. I liked the chunky log cabin blocks! What about if you add some sashing?
    This is a great project too!

  3. Sometimes putting the blocks away helps you develop a fondness for them or at least maybe gives you a chance to decide how to set them. Your new project is very cute. The colors remind me of spring.

  4. Eh - That's happened to me plenty of times - got some blocks done and hated them. Don't mess with them for now - put them away for several months. When you pull them out again, they will magically look better! With a fresh eye minus the disappointment, you'll be able to find some sashing or something that will pull it together really nicely, and you'll marvel at the metamorphosis. :D

  5. I have to smile when I read about your feelings on the chunky log cabins. I think they are great. Sometimes when this happens to me, I put it away and look later only to find that the project is fine. Sometimes it doesn't live up to my mind's eye so I use up the first blocks in another project and revisit the original idea with different fabrics. There are no failures in quilting, just some expectations that don't meet up with our own. Besides if you really hate these blocks and you don't want to look at them again, youcould donate them to someone to use...:)