Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WiP/FMC - Stomach Bug (Redux)

I just...hate stomach bugs. That is all. I'm going to bleach my house and take a nap now.

Sew Starry is still my Fifteen Minute Challenge - poor thing! I thought I'd be done by now, but the quilting is taking longer than I thought.
{It's dark and dreary and rainy today. Sorry about the pictures.}
All the sides are done and I'm slowly cross-hatching the star. I quilted fifteen minutes every day except Saturday (Pinewood Derby) and Tuesday (stomach bug.)

 Big Blue is finished and off to the quilter's!

Fat Quarter Stars - 5/9 blocks - nada this week
LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 - 3/36 (new blocks to work on)
Quiltville Orca Bay {Skorca!} - I've been posting this sucker for more than a month and none of you noticed the second block in the third row is wrong? ;)
Made in Cherry - see above
Swoon A Little, Swoon A Lot - trying to plan out the directional prints in this one


  1. It is? Oh, look! sure 'nuff - one hourglass is spun around. :) See - never would have known if you hadn't directed me to it.

  2. There's a wrong block in Skorca? Even with you mentioning it, I still can't spot it!

  3. Directional fabrics are so challenging, but they make unique blocks if you can get them to play nice with the layout.

    Hope you are feeling better. Those stomach bugs are nasty, I don't blame you for bleaching the house.

    Looks like a productive week. Hope next week is too.

  4. even though you were sick you did pretty good~!

  5. Sick is no fun. Good progress just the same. Hope you feel better.