Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Bunting

Happy Valentine's Day!
We had a snow day yesterday, so the Dude and I used the time to do some Valentine's crafts.
A couple of weeks ago, I got the leftover scraps from the kids' sewing class at my LQS - the polka dots from Deb Strain's Always & Forever. There was fusible web on the back, and I thought about peeling it off to salvage the fabrics.
But then this was on Moda Bake Shop. And peeling fusible web off is really, really hard.
My hearts are 4.5" and backed in muslin scraps, because that's what I had.
And my mantel is a little less boring.

Remember when there was colored Rice Krispies for holidays? I swear I'm not crazy... Anyway, I set out to recreate that.
Sprinkles are not effective.
I was smart enough to add them at the very last minute, but they still got messy and somewhat melty.
Still pretty festive, though!

I also pressed a heart into the Dude lunch sandwich with a cookie cutter, and I'm going to lunch with my husband. He has to work late, so the Dude will be my dinner date. I'm happy to get special time with both my boys!

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  1. Sweet! I'm not so fond of peeling fusible web either.

    Visiting from QuiltStory's link-up!


  2. Darn that fusible web, it strikes again! Love the bunting! Very festive and now I'm craving some of those treats!

  3. Sounds like a fun day! Very cute little project, despite the troubles and I definitely remember those colored krispies! Yours are more interesting, for sure! ;-) Thanks for linking up - and hope you had a sweet day!

  4. The bunting looks great. Glad you got to have Valentine meals with both your guys. My Guy was in Wyoming, so Drama Teen and I celebrated Valentines at the local bar-b-Q joint.