Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Wall Monday - Skorca! (Yes, Still.)

Which leads to design wall pictures like this.
He's having fun hunting out his favorite fabrics.
I did some paper piecing on Friday, so there's a good bit more red up there. It's starting to look close to finished!
But first, I have to go build a snowman. And make Valentines for school tomorrow. And eat the Rice Krispie treats we made. I love snow days!

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  1. Looks lovely - enjoy your snow day!

  2. I've not gotten back to my Kordova Klosure (Orca Bay) yet either :(! Hope you had fun wih the snowman building. Been a very long time that I've had that opportunity. San Diego just isn't a place for that! Sandi

  3. haha!! That's about how "fast" things are moving at my place. Too much history work and going crazy trying to get the house ready to sell. Not so much sewing time!

  4. Getting lots of snow gave me time to work on mine this weekend too.

  5. The quilt is looking good. We got snow too, but they didn't cancel school here, so poor Drama Teen had to go.

  6. Snow days are the BEST! Your quilt looks great - love the red in there! Have a sweet day!

  7. Yep it all starts by looking for your favorite fabric when you're small :) What a great picture, I bet you'll have a quilting buddy some day. Design wall looks wonderful!