Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Week 39

Slowly adding more Swoon blocks.
There's now two 24" blocks, two 8" blocks, and one 16" block.
I have two more full fat quarters, so I can do one more 24" if I want - I probably will because it takes me 2+ hours for each block, regardless of the size. 
I have plenty more partial fat quarters for the smaller blocks. Looks like I need more brown in the smaller blocks and more color in the bigger blocks...

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  1. Lovely Swoon blocks. It's on my list...sighh, someday! Toni

  2. Fantastic! Love the different sizes!!

  3. Beautiful blocks. I love what you are doing with the different sizes!

  4. I am also sewing the Swoon block, but it takes me more than 4 hrs to sew one block ! Would love to learn any tips from you to speed up the process. I sew the HST bigger than trim to size, I also iron the seams open to avoid the thick seams for the flying geese and HST. Are these steps slowing me down ?

  5. Beautiful blocks! Looking forward to seeing this one develop. It's going to be gorgeous.

  6. I love that pattern. Those blocks are terrific.