Friday, December 16, 2011

Felt Food Friday - Donuts

There were going to be a half dozen donuts, with chocolate and vanilla frosting. And sprinkles. Tons of sprinkles.
Instead, there was tons of puking.
So there is a single, solitary donut with no sprinkles. The stuffing hole isn't even stitched shut.
And I have wiped down every surface of my house - and my kid - with Lysol.
Tutorials: here, here and here.
I used a CD for the outer circle - perfect size. I didn't cut out the middle hole until it was sewn shut. And I have a package of colorful skinny beads for the sprinkles.

Assuming we have defeated the evil 24-hour stomach bug (and not spread it to the parents of the house), I'll be whipping up cookies to decorate on our car ride next week. And the rest of the donuts to be sprinkle-fied.

1 comment:

  1. Hope your kiddo is feeling better. A stomach bug is never fun. Love the donut. Can't wait to see it with the sprinkles