Monday, December 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Week 51

Nothing, really. I took Debbie's suggestion and hung Christmas Stars on the wall, even though it's done. It's keeping the Christmas spirit while I finish the binding on the Grinch and Rudolph.

And in Skorca news!
Starting to look interesting... I wonder what these units are going to connect to. Seems like we've used a LOT of black & white and still not much of the main color!

Check out more design walls at Patchwork Times, and more Orca Bay progress at Quiltville!


  1. Christmas Stars looks terrific. Your Skorca bits look very interesting. Looking forward to seeing how those come together.

  2. oh yeah! Lovely inspiration! ;-) and great looking skorca...

  3. Love your Orca Bay units!!!

  4. Love you bold print blacks. Makes the blocks stunning.

  5. I love Skorca, even though he seems a bit dubious. Perhaps he's waiting, like me, for more colour.

  6. Kate, I love the quilt! And why not hang it on the wall? I've done that myself!

    By the way, your potholders went in the mail today - you should receive them in a few weeks.

    Merry Christmas!