Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekly Progress - the Creeping Crud

Yesterday was a day off, so I forgot all about posting. It doesn't help that my husband and I both have the basic winter-y sinus crud, so I barely got anything done this week. So this will be short and sweet before my next nap. I hate being sick!

{Finished} Triple Zip Pouch

{Design Wall/BOM} I finally decided to trust my math {after triple checking it 4x} and started setting Saturday Sampler. I need to pick four more from the top to set on point - there's also four in progress by the sewing machine.

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} I finished organizing the Christmas scrap bin, including yardage and fat quarter sets. It's ready to {sadly} be packed away until after the move.
I then pulled out my solids bin and fished out any black that could be used for the Sampler, then moved to the green scrap bin for organizing. There's another Creeper pillow in my future.

So...really slacking on the UFOs this month. At least I haven't added anything to the to-be-quilted pile other than the Starburst pillow, which is ready to quilt once I can sit up longer than five minutes.



  1. Saturday Sampler looks stunning.

  2. Ugh. Hope you guys feel better super quick! And some months are better than others for BOMs - this one's been slower for me, too, with three of the weeks only accomplishing half of what I'd hoped. At least they're not at a dead standstill, though!

  3. The Saturday Sampler is looking good. Hope you feel better soon, we've had a visit from the creeping sinus crud and it wasn't fun!

  4. So sorry you've been under the weather! Love your triple-zip AND that sampler!

  5. I hope you are much better. It is terrible to be sick. XX Kathleen from http://kathysnest32.wordpress.com/

  6. I'm going to try the trip zip - maybe this week. I need to make some zippered bags for my niece and need some practice.