Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Progress - SNOW!

First a little bit of snow - about 3" that canceled school. 

{Lumps the Snowman}

And now, the big storm. Or not. I'm writing this Sunday night and we still have no idea if it will be snow or rain. School has already been canceled, so we'll see! At least I'm over the sinus crud, so I can enjoy...shoveling.

And now that it's morning, it's still unsure if it's going to be snow or rain! I watched it go from rain to sleet to snow to sleet to rain all over the course of thirty minutes.

{Design Wall/BOM} Saturday Sampler, at the point in which it will no longer fit on the wall. I'm {fairly} confident in my math and starting the work to pull it together. I should have an empty design wall by the end of the week!

I realized February is almost over...with no UFOs started finished. Oops. So I got out Layer Cake Snowballs and got started. 

{This isn't comfortable, but it's annoying, so the cat continues.}

So far, I echoed the lines of the blocks. I think it needs more...but I don't know what. I don't particularly want to outline all the corners because I don't want to bury all those threads!

Then I used the {perfectly} leftover batting to baste the Starburst pillow cover. Only made it through three lines before running out of thread, though...and probably won't be running to Hobby Lobby today!

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} Green box is organized! And I don't think there's a bit of the Pantone Emerald in it.
Next I'm going to tackle the random scrap/project box. That should take a couple weeks.


  1. Hey, cool! Saturday Sampler so close to a flimsy. :) Your white kitty is absolutely gorgeous. Looks good draped over your project. . . ;D

  2. Great Saturday Sampler blocks. I love the black.

  3. Yeah burying threads not my fave thing ether but it must be done!

  4. Love what you have on your wall. Can not wait to see it all put together. Kathleen

  5. Love love love the sampler. The black background is a great choice. I can not wait to see how this one finishes up.

  6. Sorry I missed your link up. DT missed one day of school this week and was so disappointed that they weren't off a day more!