Friday, February 8, 2013

Kats with Kate - Six and Two Layouts

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Time for another Kat Kwilt update for Kate and me!

I have six blocks done now, and I'm starting to debate layouts.

{Please forgive the pictures - the design wall is occupied and it was impossible to get high enough at the right angle to get the floor shot.}

This is the original layout from the pattern. I would make it slightly different because I don't want any partial cats - so the ones that reach out of the main pattern {like the red one on the bottom} would be surrounded by negative space/background fabric.

I like this layout because I think the little pinwheels formed by the ears, and the odd-shaped-bowties by the butts, are cute. {Okay, I love secondary patterns. Possibly more than primary patterns.}

And then Lies Koster suggested this. Now look at THAT secondary pattern! But, the cat groups don't stand out quite as much.

So... I don't have to make a decision for a while - I have seven more blocks to make, after all. But if anyone else wants to start having opinions, that's fine!

And because no cat post is complete without an actual cat...

Mom's pile of unfinished/partially finished/finished quilts + sun = happiest kitty in the world


  1. What a gorgeous white kitty! And -ooo- I love the secondary pinwheels and bowties.

  2. I love the secondary patterns too!

  3. Your kitties are looking purrfect! That's a lot of kitties there on the floor. Just seven more blocks? I have 17 more blocks.

  4. I like the second layout. It looks more complicated without the distinct groups. What a fun quilt.

  5. That second layout is wonderful! What a fun quilt!!

  6. Hi KattyKatie, I was so inspired by your cats, that I am starting to think about a catquilt myself. I decided to use only 5 colours: dark blue and blue, dark red and winered and for the secondary space a kind of light olive green. It means 80 cats and 20 tailblocks. It's been some time ago that I was patching. I'll see... I'm still in the design fase.