Friday, February 8, 2013

Olivia Schnibble - Finished!

{I have a giveaway going on. Free stuff - what's not to like?}

This one didn't marinate on the to-be-quilted pile too long - I finished the top in November.

It's Imagine from Schnibbles Times Two

{Which, imagine was one of my son's vocab words last week. Which led to the  following conversation...

Dude: I need a sentence with imagine.
Husband: I believe your mom has that covered.
Me: Imagine all the people, living life in peaceeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Dude: How do I write that?
Me: With a lot of e's. Imagine there's no heaven.
Husband: Yeah, that's not going to go over well in Oklahoma.

See, this is why I miss him when he's deployed. No one backs me up quite like him!}

{And he raked!}

Although Schnibbles are usually from charm packs or layer cakes, I used a yard and two fat quarters, because that's what I had. I think it worked out fine.

I don't usually cobble together backs, but I had the panel and leftovers from the front, and I'm determined to USE THINGS UP this year.

And I ended up with a front an back nearly the same size...which is fun to baste. But it worked out, luckily.

The quilting is echoed straight lines on either side of the pink pinwheels.

The binding is Boutique by Chez Moi, from my stash.

It measure 32x48" - great stroller size.



  1. How darned cute, Kate. Yeah, those hubbies are good for a few things...LOL

  2. Ha! I used Olivia to back a quilt I'm working on right now. You don't see much of her fabric recently. nice finish.

  3. I like that little piggy! She's so cute. :)

  4. very cute - the pattern on the front looks like butterflies flying every which way :)

  5. Very cute! Congrats on the finish!

    I remember vocabulary words. Those weren't bad, it was the spelling words that weren't fun!

  6. I love that -- especially the backing! And I think I've got the book in my stash....will have to figure out where it's hiding so I can try that pattern myself.

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. Hehe :) That was a funny vignette you shared. Love the patchwork back- it gives you a two-for-one quilt! And I've more than once rejoiced in the clear advantage domestic quilting has over longarming when you need to work with a small back!

  8. Thanks for the chuckle. My hubby and I have conversations like that too.

  9. Absolutely adorable quilt, Kate! Whoop whoop!!