Thursday, October 25, 2012

Felt Friday & Other Randomness

So, the Dude is going to be a bald eagle for Halloween. Don't ask me why. I don't think he's being patriotic - his original pick was a cardinal, but he decided bald eagles are COOLER. {Which is true!}

 I made a hoodie out of brown and white felt, and added three 12" strips of the brown felt to the arms and back.

 Made a feather-esque template and started cutting.

I tried to make sure they kind of overlap...sort of...oh, heck, he'll be moving his arms a lot and no one will notice if they don't.

I need to add "feathers" to the head, and make the beak and claws/talons still. But the best part of using felt? No hems. I can finish tomorrow because there's no fussy little details!

In other felt-y randomness:
 School assignment: disguise a pumpkin so it won't be carved.
He chose an aquarium.
I have too many felt scraps, methinks.

In other randomness:
My Quilt Festival quilt is ready for binding.
No, it's not Skorca.
If I had to write a blog post about Skorca, it would be all the reasons I hate Skorca.
Skorca and I are not talking right now.

We made Halloween cookies today, from this recipe. It was a failure. At least, they are NOT cut-out cookies, and even when I switched to cutting them off a roll, they are not hard cookies {as implied by the recipe name.} Definitely very soft. And break-y.

Luckily, they still taste like delicious chocolate cookies - just not the kind we intended to make.

And because they break so easily, I can't mail them to my husband. Oh, darn, will have to eat them myself. 



  1. I adore that your guy wanted to be a cardinal!! ;-)
    And I also loooove the aquarium pumpkin - so cute! Bummer when recipes don't quite turn out but yummy is the most important quality! {thanks for linking up!}

  2. I agree with Debbie--every thing she said. And I also thank you for linking up!!

  3. I've missed Felt Friday! Eagles are very cool! Looks like a very fun costume. Love the disguised pumpkin, great idea. It's good to have scarps, they can bail you out of just about anything.