Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekly Progress - New Additions

We've had some new additions to the family!

This little guy joined in the beginning of September. His name is Victor, he's a crowntail betta, and I've yet to find the cats in the Dude's room looking at him. Hunting instinct, thou art dead.

 And I got a new sewing machine! Well, not really. I got a very, very old sewing machine. It's a Wheeler & Wilson No. 8, and this guy wrote a good history on the company. My machine is, based on the serial number, from about 1880.
It needs a new belt, and someday a good cleaning/retouching, and the cabinet could stand to be refinished - but it works. 132 years old, and it works! 
{And yes, I totally sold the idea to my husband by mentioning it doesn't need power in case of the zombie apocalypse.}

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization
Thanks to realizing I have 18 flimsies that need to be quilted, I got down to some serious procrastination! Nah, actually, I did my fifteen minutes of organizing by getting things ready for quilting - cleaning off the sewing table and putting things away instead of on the cutting table. Cleaning off my cutting table. Cleaning out my scrap box until I found the binding fabric I knew was in the bottom.

...and moving things around so I could fit another sewing machine in the room! {Clearly, I need to find a place for that pile of batting behind it, though.}

Design Wall
No change - I did no piecing, and therefore no leaders/enders, this week. Toyland waits... 

The first of four t-shirt quilts before the holidays.
{Finished post here.}

UFO Busting:
 I made friends with my walking foot and got Bad Romance finished up. It had all the lines in one direction, not the other. So it really didn't take all that long to finish up, and the binding is all ready to go. Finishing a quilt is almost as much fun as piecing.

So there will be TWO finished posts this week!


  1. hehe - zombie apocalypse. that's funny. :) I have a treadle machine too, though not as old as yours, I think mine is from 1948 and it belonged to my grandmother. I don't know how to use it though! It looks like it's needs to be cleaned but I 'm not sure how, also I think it needs a new band for the treadle wheel part. Maybe I should learn, just in case....

  2. Congrats on the new/old machine! What a find! I bought an old machine recently too and just love these old treasures!

  3. Will we have time to sew and quilt during the zombie apocalypse?! Actually when you think about it, a quilt is a really good weapon against zombies - you can't get bitten through it...

  4. Love that machine, you lucky girl. We had fish for several years and three very healthy cats who had no interest in them. until, one day, when I left the top open and frank was out of town. I had to replace all those fishies before he got home. I don't think he ever noticed!

    LOL. Still chuckle when i think of that.


  5. Great going. Wow, two finishes. Good for you... the last one looks "cat approved". Your new/old machine looks wonderful. Did she come with a bobbin and everything? Hope you have fun cleaning her up for action. Congrats on such a fabulous find!

  6. Great progress & 2 finishes soon - can't wait!

  7. Love your "new" old treadle! Makes me think I should dust off my Grandmother's, which is sitting in the basement waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse!However, that would mean learning how to use it first!

  8. lucky for Victor that the kitties are too cozy on the quilts to be interested in him~!
    he's beautiful.
    you are amazing with your progress and igree with you about the joy of finishing. a whhhhhoooooopppeeee feeling for sure~!
    that sewing machine (and it's cabinet) are wonderful.
    i too had a good chuckle about the zombie apocolypse . . . one must be prepared for anything right~!?!


  9. Very cool new-old machine. I learned to sew on an old trendle machine that Mom picked up at a yard sale. You've done great at getting lots done over the past few months, even though you were traveling so much this summer.

  10. What a beautifully productive week! And I love the shot with your kitty in it.