Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Progress - Serious Progress!

We are finally getting into a routine and getting life into a rhythm, and I got tons done this week!

Bad Romance - finally!

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization
Slow and steady, I am getting my sewing room under control. I did my fifteen minutes every day this week: sorting scraps, folding bigger scraps, filing patterns and keeping the flat surfaces clear.

I want this to be a Christmas gift, so I talked to my quilter and scheduled it to go to her on Nov. 15. Deadline!

UFO Busting
Leah's post last week was about the snowball effect - working on little things to free up more time to work on the bigger things. So I looked at my stack of flimsies and picked Bad Romance because it was already halfway quilted.

Next, quilted a wall hanging for my mother. Binding is on and handstitching has begun.
Now I'm at the point that the next quilt done will probably be my Blogger's Quilt Festival I want it to be a good one. But also one that has a back picked already...which kind of limited it to Skorca! 

Grandmother's Choice, block five. It's a little chaotic, but I like it!

I found six of these blocks {leftover from Sunkissed Jewel Box} and made four into a pillow-sized block. Once I quilt the quilt version, I'll use leftover backing to finish off the pillow. The other two blocks...I don't know. Probably make a notebook cover or something.

Toyland Row Quilt had a few of the rows sewn together. I'm not in a hurry to finish it...only to add it to the quilting pile.

No picture, but I finished another t-shirt quilt to the quilting stage! I should finish that off this week.

And finally, I started making these as leaders/enders, thanks to a tutorial on the Sew Lux blog.


  1. Wow! That's a busy week! - beautiful work and great candy corn too!

  2. Candy corn! :) I really love your block 5, too. And boy, you did get a lot of things accomplished.

  3. You've been getting so much done the last few weeks. Congrats on all the progress.

  4. Wow you are on a roll - excellent!!

  5. WOW, you have been busy.....the Sampler looks lovely and will quilt up great with those negative spaces.

  6. Serious progress is right! Wish I was nearly as productive as you with my quilting projects. I love your candy corn blocks! Super cute and creative idea. :)

  7. My gracious! You have a lot going on and are accomplishing sew much! Congratulations and the candy corn is just adorable!

  8. i love what is on your design wall~!
    and that candy corn is pretty darn cute too. it's been a really productive week for you and congrats on all of the progress made~!!~
    i'm going to have to check out the snowball effect link before i move along . . .


  9. your candy corn is cute, what will you make with them? I'm sewing with the same penguin fabric this week :)