Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekly Progress - Scattered

I feel like my progress this week was a bit scattered. Or at least, scatter brained. I totally forgot to take a picture of my mother's wall hanging before putting it in the mail. Ah well - she can get an accurate shot of it hanging!

Anyway, things I did do - and sometimes remembered to take pictures of...

T-Shirt Quilt #2

Candy Corn Bunting {from Sew Lux's tutorial}

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization
The floor is clean, the flat surfaces are clean, and I have a nice pile of fabric that needs to be ironed and folded this week. Never ending process.

Design Wall - LQS Saturday Sampler 2011
I didn't actually sew a bit of this, but I did make some decisions. Mainly, to use the little flowers, plain, in the corners of the center, and to use the longer strips on the sides. Everything else will be filled in with the white-ish from the words.

UFO Busting
I've done a bit of quilting on to Skorca! But I'm not sure I like it. So on my UFO Sunday, I ended up hemming a pair of pants that have sat around for 18 months. For a five-minute hem. 

Then I worked on cutting out my son's Halloween costume, which is not a UFO, but really does have a deadline, so...

Saturday Sampler 2012 - Four Corners, Swamp Patch, Ohio Star - love this set!

Oh, and we carved our Halloween pumpkin!


  1. What cute candy corn - perfect for Halloween! And I think it's ok to to move from UFO to UFO. Organizing is a necessary part of quilting as you know!

  2. You got a lot done! We all have to prioritize, so don't feel bad! Thinking about what you need to do to a UFO counts!! :)

  3. yes, your week was chock full of all sorts of creativity~!
    love the bunting~!~ hoooraaay for candy corn season~!!~

    that pumpkin looks a bit dangerous with those extra long fangs.


  4. LOL!!! That is so "me" - to have pants sit around for over year because I don't want to do a 5-minute hem job. ;D

  5. yay for a couple of finished & a start on the costume!

  6. You've been really busy, with lots to show for it. Your LQS sampler is looling gorgeous, glad you figured out how to cope with your problem areas on that one.