Monday, July 25, 2011

Design Wall Monday - Week 30

I was going to make a joke about how this is my design wall...
But then this happened...
And now I'm too hot to be funny.

The actual design wall is Christmas Stars.
I was going to do a second block like this one, but now I'm thinking about just putting them together as they are. I like the middle star that I won't get by breaking up the blocks.
 I can still use the strips of 2.5" blocks I've already made in a border. I'm going to get something else for the first border, though. The white up there has roses and isn't very Christmas-y.

However, there will be no sewing, of the dress or the stars, until the AC gets fixed!

The cats have the smartest plan - get as flat as you can on the tile floor.

Preferably near a fan.

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  1. Hey, the cats know what's great! I got heat exhaustion the other day trying to get the lawn mowed, staggered into the house and just plomped down onto the tile under the ceiling fan - it was amazingly cool!! lol :)

  2. I like this arrangement of the blocks - the extra star you get when you put them together is sharp! Hope things get cooler inside and out!

  3. Very pretty Chrismas stars. I'd have a hard time choosing which way to go, I like both avenues you are considering.

    Hope the air conditioning has been fixed. It's too hot to be without for long!