Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stash Report - Week 28

Oh, the ins and the outs. There was actually a decent amount of movement this week. A little too much retail therapy because of my husband leaving...but that's what deployment money is for, right?

California Girl, because I was briefly a California Girl. Hello Luscious, because it's pretty. And on sale.

One yard green, one yard red - for my Snowball Fight. Plus a layer cake for the prize, but I'm not counting that since it's not for MY stash.

Blue Bowties, done!

Summer Drinks, done! 
{Until I get home to add borders...}

Secret stuff made out of secret fabric, done!
{Don't worry - box was mailed and reveal will be Wednesday. I can't keep secrets very long!}

There's a couple more things coming in the mail this week, but maybe I can finish some things and keep the numbers moving. Maybe.

Used this Week: 3.35
Used Year to Date: 65.84
Added this Week: 7.84
Added Year to Date: 118.45
Net Used for 2012: (52.61) yards


  1. I'm just getting caught up. You're a terrible tease. :)

  2. At least some is still going out. You've managed to keep sewing even with all the stuff going on in your life.