Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Tools of the Trade

Karen is having a link-up about thread storage tomorrow and I got a chance to try a couple new things in California that I've been meaning to blog I am!

First, thread.
 I used to store it loose and jumbled in a drawer.

Then my dad built me a nice case for it! It's peg board, dowels, 1/2x4" boards and rope-y trim. My threads are sorted by color. And I have a lot more since this picture was taken.

In California, our hotel was right by a Harbor Freight Tools. I think my husband was disturbed by how excited I was about this. {"We live in a hotel. Why do you need tools?"}

HFT was all over the blog world last year for their carpet cutting blades that could be used as rotary blades, and the suction cup handle.

The carpet blades, well, sucked. The two I bought were full of nicks and did not cut cleanly at all, right out of the package. Yes, they fit on the rotary cutter...but I didn't bother trying another package.

The suction cup? Totally works. And at $3 for the small one and $8 for the double? Much better than the ones marketed at quilters.

However... Suction it to the non-printed side of your ruler. {Duh.} Those little teal and red markings used to be on my HST ruler!

My last thing is really just a tip - as I've been shopping in various places/states the last few months, without any real way to remember what I need.
So I started making index cards with the information I needed! Similar to swatch cards, but very project specific. 

For example, on my just finished Nine-Patch-Snowball Quilt, I need backing and binding. I have a scrap to match to, and the yardage needed so I don't need to calculate it in store. Bad Romance just needs the binding, so that's all the info needed on its card.

And it's easy to find index card holder - especially back to school time - so you don't even have to store them in a plastic baggie {like I do!}

That's it for today...tomorrow will be another post in my Snowball Fight series. {There's a prize! And still plenty of time to join in!}


  1. good idea about the index cards!

    1. oh and my thread storage looks eerily like your original....

  2. Oh! What a good idea - thanks for sharing your index card strategy. Gotta pin that tip!

  3. Thanks for linking up to the thread party! The peg board is great and the rope is it used for trim!!

  4. I love the dowel and peg board idea. And so pretty. Are the dowels permanent, or can you move them around? Also, thanks for the index card tip. That's a good one.

  5. I carry index cards to match up fabric swatches too!