Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WiP/FMC - Focus

News Flash: when you work on one project at a time, instead of flitting between five of them, you can finish things a lot better. Go figure.

 Kit #4 is for a mason jar picnic quilt - I've been collecting the food fabric for a couple years now. I have the yellow for the jar lids, and the "wood" for the shelves to add this week.
Kit #5 will be Funky Wrenches. I need to figure out and buy the background yardage. It's definitely not going to be Kona White! {Which I have on hand and is too bright.}

Non-QA Quilts:
Airplane Dreams - 50% quilted! 

Unnamed Baby Girl Quilt - block #3 of three. Baby shower is Saturday, so there will be a reveal soon!

Fat Quarter Stars - 6/12 blocks - none
LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 - 6/36 - new blocks to make
LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 - Blocks done, center medallion started

Untouched This Week:

Awaiting Binding:

Application Submitted - 2/12 
Home Study - in home interview was last weekend. I think it went well. Except for the Dude's interview. The kid who hasn't finished his sandwich in a week (but manages to eat his cookies, of course) told her that I don't pack a big enough lunch for him. Which would be humorous, except he's 45 pounds, so he could actually pass as a starving child.

New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 12


  1. You are right about monogamous quilting but I for one get bored easily...sigh. You're making good progress thought & a finish is in sight. KIDS RE; your home study....don't they say the darndest things!?

  2. Long story short. Hubby volunteered me to make a custom queen size quilt. (Thank God the woman assumed she was paying me for it...LOL). I put everything away and have worked only on that this week. You are right, it IS amazing what can happen when I work one project at a time, LOL.Kids-GOTTA love them, my youngest barely got on the percentage chart when he was little and the doctor asked him about what he had for lunch...he promptly told her, "bread and water, but only one slice of bread." WHAT? Not true, and where did that come from??? LOL (turned out he was quoting a currently show he had been watching...ARGH!)

  3. i was just thinking that i might be able to post more finishes if i concentrated on only one project at a time . . . but i'm too ADHD for that approach~!

    can hardly wait to see the finish on your baby girl quilt~!


  4. Lots going on. I have been known to work on just one project when there is a deadline approaching, otherwise it's just more fun to jump around.

    Good luck with the application process. Kids have their own reality, it's amazing what they come up with at the most inopportune times!