Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Stash Report - Week 14

I didn't buy anything!

But I did win something!
{Totally stole the picture from Life in Pieces. Laaaaaaazy!}

I'm super excited about these because charms are perfect for the hotel kits I'm making, so the book and the squares came at the perfect time.

Nothing out, but I have three baby quilts pretty close to done. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will see some reductions, because I really want to keep the enhancement under 50 yards net.

Used this Week: 0
Used Year to Date: 33.67
Added this Week: 1.53
Added Year to Date: 82.61
Net Used for 2012: (48.94yards

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  1. yay for wins & glad they are inspiring you!

  2. Your numbers will most certainly turn around once you have settled your sewing stuff into your folk's basement. I am so grateful for the sacrifice your family makes to keep my family safe. Please give your husband a hug for me and tell him to keep safe.

  3. Nice gift - hope you are enjoying our early summer weather. I can't believe it's going to be 90 today!

    Keep cool....


  4. I thought that picture looked familiar. Glad the charms and the book showed up. Hope that you find something fun to make while you are hotel bound.