Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Stash Report - Week 16

Well, I really was trying to keep the net stashing under 50 yards. I blame my friends.
The LQS gives 15% off for your birthday for you and a friend. I generously offered to be Elissa's friend. I needed one more food fat quarter for my picnic quilt...and Poetica is just lovely...and what really hurts is over five yards of my usual neutral. Youch.
And then, my bad-influence-running-friend sent me four 1/2 yard cuts from Hawaii. {She also sent me the link to the 20th Anniversary WDW Marathon registration. NO. I don't care how awesome the medal is. I don't want to run for six hours.}
That brief trip to the quilt shop hooked her, though. She's taking sewing classes now just so she has a reason to buy fabric again.
I'm making her a pillow cover as a thank you, and asked her favorite color combo. She said purple and teal/turquoise. Oh, you mean, the Poetica I just bought? Hi, fate!

I did finish Airplane Dreams, so backing and binding, out!

And the Unnamed Baby Girl top.

Used this Week: 5.35
Used Year to Date: 41.81
Added this Week: 10.16
Added Year to Date: 96.08
Net Used for 2012: (54.27) yards

Uh, new goal...make it back below 50 before I hit 100?

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  1. What a fun outing with your friend! And congrats on the finish - always feels good!

  2. Sounds like the perfect birthday celebration to me! I love your airplane dreams quilt! The boys in my house are big airplane fans.

  3. Nice purchases and the quilts are so cute!

    Those "friend" deals are always too good to pass up - I avoided the shop for a time and they sent a "come on back" offer so I did a road trip with a quilting friend. It's dangerous.

    Hope you missed all of the tornado excitment from last night, but still got some rain out the storms. We had a squall line come through OKC area after 4 am - and it was in the Tulsa area within two hours.

    Take care - Liz

  4. I bought you fabric. Ergo, you must run 6 hours with me. Still no? :P

    Ah well, can't blame a girl for trying!

  5. Beautiful new fabrics. It's the large cuts that add up isn't it. Love both your finished tops. You've really been busy.