Monday, April 30, 2012

DWM - Saturday Sampler

The Sampler is coming along.
It's taking some fiddling to use the panel {not in the pattern.} Two of the words are 18", so they fit on the medallion with no issue. Mother and Sister will need a tiny strip to fit.
I thought I had a good idea for the corners, but now I'm reconsidering. The colors blend too much with the blocks {see: bottom}, so I'm going to remove one row and sash it with the white {see: top}.
Then I have to fill the four setting squares...then I have to figure out the setting triangles...and corners... And this is why you should follow the pattern on BOMs!



  1. Well, maybe you should follow the BOM if you want to look just like the original but if you want to make it your own you strike out! I think it will be well worth all the work, it already looks so special.

  2. Lovely quilt-lovely medallion...I wonder if using the yellow in all 4 setting squares wouldn't solve your problem.

  3. I like the panels. You've got some great ideas for the corner blocks. Branching out and doing your own thing can be frustrating, but then you get a quilt that is uniquely you. That for me makes all the rework and work arounds so worht it. This one is looking good.

  4. Hi Kate! looks great to me! It also looks like you've put a lot of happy hours into making this quilt! ♥♥♥

  5. Looking good. and I have a problem sticking to a pattern. Your ideas are super.