Monday, April 2, 2012

DWM - Saturday Sampler change at all from last week.
I did some math, and have a list of the fabrics needed, but didn't get a chance to stop at the LQS on our way to the city.

{ see The Hunger Games. Which was AMAZING. Not only did it stick fairly close to the book, but I think the additional set-up stuff will mean the rest of the movies will be better than the books.}

So I'm off to shop today and hopefully next week's wall will be a little fuller!



  1. yay for the next step - it's looking so nice!

  2. love the blocks. hoping to see Hunger Games tonight-loved the books

  3. You do math??? You go girl LOL. I love your blocks.

  4. Yeah, I liked what they did with the movie. So glad to see I'm not the only one that had a stand-still week for BOM stuff!! ;D

  5. The blocks are looking good.

    Drama Teen saw Hunger Games on Saturday and said it was a really good movie.

  6. These blocks are awesome! Also wanted to let you know you were given the Liebster Blog Award!!!