Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Week 10

This week was almost a complete wash. Immediately after posting my WiP last week, I sliced off the side of my finger. I couldn't even walk into the sewing room for a couple days without feeling nauseous. 
Once I did start sewing again, I discovered that your index finger does a lot of the work holding a ruler in place, so that ruled out anything with precision trimming.

That left this:
Except I sewed all my precut squares in about an hour, so now I'm faced with needing to cut more... I'll probably piece all the white Xs before I brave the rotary cutter again.

Frolicking Pinwheels: Sewed one more together (discovering the necessity of a working index finger on the ruler.)
Hunter's Star: Hit halfway and packed the project up for a week until my finger heals. It requires precision trimming on those biased edges, and I don't want to mess it up now.

Untouched This Week:
Awaiting Quilting:

In Planning:
Rudolph Quilt (the Dude)
Hunter's Star (my sister)

Second Snow White commissioned. I really need to have a clothes-sewing week.
Knitting bag and pattern holder for my sister. I'm going to insert foam pieces before finishing the binding. It should then fold nicely and stand up like a easel. Should being the operative word. 

This Week's Stats:
New Projects: 0
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 11

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  1. Yikes, I hope your finger heals up quickly! I sliced through the nailbed on my thumb last summer & can definitely back up the warning to PAY ATTENTION when using a rotary cutter. It's amazing how quickly it happens too. Even now I'm almost afraid to use it sometimes!

  2. Sorry to hear about your finger, they just seem to get in the way of the rotary cutter without us knowing about it. Maybe some of those gloves to protect your finger would be a good idea. Take care.

  3. So sorry about your finger! I had a friend do that and it's awful. I hope you're up and cutting soon! I love your Hunter's Star. I'm dying to do one and I LOVE your color scheme!

  4. OUCH! I am sorry to hear about your finger. hope it heals quickly and you can get to cutting the Steelers project.

  5. I am glad you are on the mend. I worry about cutting a lot, never do it if I am tired, etc. but still it is so easy to get hurt.

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