Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby's First Library - Finished!

This quilt is a gift for a special person. Because of her, I was able to take several quilting classes this year, and really expand my skills. She also gave me seven hours a day to myself to sew.  (Not that I used all of them.)
She's my son's kindergarten teacher, and she's expecting her first in October.
I debated several different designs for a class quilt - the handprint quilt, having each kid color a layer cake slice... But when I saw Don't Call Me Betsy's bookshelf quilt, I knew exactly what I was going to do.
The quilt is 33x44", made entirely from stash (including one of my precious Dr. Seuss FQs and a scrap of my Japanese import birds) and backed in minkee. It's quilted in the ditch along the tops and bottoms of the "books."
To make it from the class, I envisioned each of the kids signing one of the books as if they were the "author."
But you know how things go when kindergartners are involved. By the second kid, they were signing on the white; three of them signed the Spot book; almost none of them signed in any sort of a straight, book-title-ish fashion.
Well. It's a little more unique than I planned, but it's probably just what a kindergarten teacher would expect!


  1. what a priceless present for your child's teacher and i love that kindergartner's signed it--even all over the place is perfect. thanks for sharing and have a great day

  2. Grazie, รจ proprio bello!

  3. I think the teacher will love it! Bookshelf quilts are so great! Nicely done!

  4. Hi, its gorgeous. What a lovely gift to receive from the kids. A very personal and thoughtful present :)

  5. I love these book quilts and this is such a perfect gift for the teacher!

  6. Lovely quilt! Yes, I would be a perfect gift for a great teacher :)