Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Progress - Finishes and Starts

Okay, since this is my third post in as many days, there's some repeating info here. Bear with me!

Oh, and my dear husband went off on a trip with the good camera, so this is alllllllll phone photos. Just like Instagram, except not!

Squadron T-Shirt Quilt - borders on, backing is prepped, quilting is Wednesday!

My first time making bias binding for Loopy Ewe, which was quilted last week. It's a little harder {I'm doing it the Bonnie Hunter way} but the angled stripe is so worth it!

And speaking of Bonnie Hunter, I'm still debating the new mystery quilt. I loved watching Skorca develop...but I had a terrible time with the bias edges from all those scraps and string blocks. The borders were a bear to put on, and the quilting has been a nightmare...I'm seriously considering pulling out all the stitching and starting again on the long arm.

So I thought, maybe a selection of fat quarters, but my FQs aren't very color coordinated. Or the ones that are, are 5-8 fat quarters total, not the 8+ needed for each color.

Or yardage, but I don't buy yardage in large amounts. One yard cuts I've got, but those are usually larger prints that don't do well being cut into teeny little squares.

So... I browsed Design Seeds for a color scheme. I kept coming back to the same colors - teal and coral. Only, I don't have any teal or coral.

But wait!

I have this. My very favorite Sandy Gervais print. {It's more lovely than the phone photo makes you think. Really. And see what I did there?}

And I have 2.5 yards - enough to back a baby quilt, but nothing else.

Doesn't it deserve it's very own quilt?

And I spy coral and yellow, just begging for some accent fabric.

And it is Cyber Monday and I've been doing a great job shopping for everyone else...



  1. Love that you made your first bias binding!

  2. Yep - I do love stripes on the bias. :D Especially the red ones that take on that candy cane look. Go for the mystery!!!! (I'm a superb enabler) That fabric is pretty and would work up nicely. Yes, it deserves its own quilt. ;D Maybe for Bonnie projects it'd be happier starching everything well first? It could help tame those bias edges.

  3. and I was curious to know what is giving you trouble quilting the Skorca? Is it all the bias? Or something else? I imagine the seams must really add up, too? (I've got that one on my "I *will* do this before I die" list)

  4. It's hard to resist Bonnie's Mystery. I have half my yardage washed, but haven't had a chance to cut into it. Looking forward to seeing your version.

  5. The mystery is going to be sew much fun!