Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Really Random Quilt #2

This one was slightly harder than the first random quilt. For this one, she requested OU, Steelers, and Angels...not exactly things that go together!

However, I have a ton of OU and Steeler scraps, so I started hunting for something that would work while she hunted for Angels fabric.

Which, turns out there's not any! She lucked out on a 8x15" slab on eBay, and pilfered one of her son's t-shirts. Since we had almost no Angels fabric, I wanted to make the most of what we had.

I was drawn to this pattern, done in OSU by Kate from Life in Pieces, mixed with this quilt by Kati from the blue chair. Mostly, I liked the randomness of Kati's but the slab piecework {and therefore no 90ยบ corner seams} of Kate's.

This is as close to improv piecing I'll ever get...all the main blocks are 12.5", unplanned until I started each one. And I really doubted the process the entire time, especially the negative space in the corners. 

But now that it's done...I love it! I can't say it turned out the way I pictured it, because I didn't really have a "picture" plan, but I think it turned out really well.

I mean, how else would you blend all these fabrics? {Which started a debate about letting children in the same household support OSU/Packers vs. OU/Steelers.}

The solid is Kona Marine and the backing is black minky. {Yes, this is her fourth quilt backed in the same minky.}


  1. Your design blended all the elements really well. It's a fun quilt.

  2. that looks awesome, any tips on quilting with a minkee backing? I have been too terrified to try it on my long arm!!!!

  3. That's an amazing quilt, Kate! Love your design, and how you made such disparate elements come together so well. Whoop whoop!!

    PS Hope you got a great price on all that minky!

  4. Ooooohhhh....I can just feel the minky! Cool quilt.