Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Progress - The End

Oh, Oklahoma... I never much liked you. With the extreme summer heat, the mediocre winters, the poisonous spiders, the tornadoes...and the wind. Seriously. The wind. Even in the summer, it just felt like living in a blow dryer. I really only liked September-November here.

But there are great people, of course, who will be missed. People, groups, and places who helped hone my skills in quilting and running. I ran my first half marathon here {well, in Florida. But while living here.} I took my first quilting class here {well, I made a half dozen or so quilts before that...but we don't talk about those.}

I went to my LQS, Prairie Quilt, one last time this week, to use my punchcard discount. Since I'm being a responsible adult, I bought backing for a quilt I already have on the list and a pattern that's on the list. {And a fat quarter for a quilt that's on the list that doesn't really need more fabric, but whatever. Mostly responsible adult.}


 My last batch of squadron baby blankets.

My last t-shirt quilt.
{Okay, not really. I have a pile of shirts to take with me for the next one.}

No Rainbow Scrap leader/ender blocks, since there was nothing but some quilting this week. I did originally say I didn't have much teal, but I realized, hello, half of Boardwalk is aqua/teal! But also packed.

Speaking of packed...
Don't the packers know that it's Projects In Grocery-sacks? Do we need to start calling them FIZ?



  1. Hopefully you are getting well settled. Ahhhhhh the life of PCSing :)

  2. I don't envy you having to pack up your sewing room for a big move! I laughed about the Projects in Grocery Bags versus Fabric in Ziplocks. Very funny!

  3. Great t-shirt quilt. I love how scrappy and fun it looks.

  4. You get extra good quilter points for being a responsible adult. Congrats on the T-shirt quilt finish. I like FIZ, it has a nice ring to it (PIGS always takes some explaining).

    We left Oklahoma once for the Gulf Coast of Texas. I'll deal with blow dryer heat and the tornadoes. I was so glad to leave the Texas traffic, the mosquitoes and the hurricanes to come back! The Northwest is beautiful, but I can pass on the volcanoes.

  5. Oooh, I like your t-shirt quilt. I know what you mean about Oklahoma. I only lived there a year, but I still prefer it to the North Texas heat and humidity. We lived in Lawton, and the one thing I don't miss are the glass rattling boom of gunfire.

  6. FIZ v. PIG: at least your movers are attentive to detail! LOL

  7. Lol'ing at the FIZ. :D Yeah, I almost cried when we were going to be sent to Oklahoma - until I realized there is AWESOME quilting in Oklahoma, so I could have been quite happy focusing on that community while there. ;D Maybe our accounts are very happy that assignment fell through. . .

    Love those squadron baby blankets. Scott is newly a squadron commander of the clinic here, and one of his nurse's babies died yesterday on vacation at their grandparents'. :( My heart cannot imagine the loss, and it makes me cry all over again just now. I want to make her a quilty something even though I've never met her - I think it would be a nice gesture from her commanding officer's wife - but I don't know what to do. I need something fast or it will take a year to get it to her, and I also think I want something for *her* instead of a memorial baby blanket, so that she can use it ongoingly without it breaking her heart constantly. . . Anyway, all this to say that I think it's really terrific that you've been making the squadron blankets.