Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coming Clean...

...literally. I've spent the last week packing up and cataloging the insane amount of STUFF in the sewing room.

And in an effort to be shamed on the internet, I'm posting The List. Maybe then I'll work through The List instead of starting/buying new things.


Fireman T-Shirt Quilt - in progress
Chevron Baby Quilt - in progress
Matching PJ set - fabric is on the way
Gobble Gobble Mini - planned
Pillow Shams - planned
Vera Bradley Stars - planned
Witch Table Runner - planned
H is for Henry - fabric is on the way
Purple/Yellow Four Patch - quilting

To Be Quilted
Layer Cake Quilt Along
Christmas Stars
Four Patch Frenzy 1
Frolicking Pinwheels 1
Heart Table Runner
Leftover Bunting Quilt
Nine Patch Snowballs
Ornament Table Runner
Pink Hunter's Star
Postage Stamp Table Runner
Rainbow Sherbet
Sunkissed Pillow

Partially Pieced
 Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012
Cat Tails
Four Patch Frenzy 2
Fat Quarter Stars
Frolicking Pinwheels 2
Log Cabin Shoes
Polaroid Quilt
Saturday Sampler 2012
St. Paul's Cross
Strip XOs
Woven Snowmen
Flirt Marks the Spot
Cat Flying Geese
Toy Story 1
Toy Story 2

Just Needs Borders
Central Park Sudoku
Chunky Log Cabin
Summer Drinks

Planned {as in, I already own the fabric}
Cardinal Charm Tesselation
Coffee panels and yardage
Lone Star
Pez Schnibble
Voila Pumpkin Kit
Bonnie & Camile Spin City
Monkey Jelly Roll
Trip Around the World
California Girl Double Hourglass
Hello Luscious Avignon Picnic
Mason Jar quilt
Homespun + Jeans
Star Wars Pixelated

Scrap Project {as in, scraps that are partially pieced in some way and enough to make a mini or pillow, or there's enough that I can get another entire quilt out of it and am therefore unwilling to separate them...}
Civil War Scraps
HST Joy Scraps
HST Swoon Scraps
Winnie the Pooh Scraps
Sew Cherry HST Scraps
Fairy Scraps
Saturday Sampler '11 Scraps
Pink Hunter Star Scraps
Blue Hunter Star Scraps
Steelers Scraps

Small Project {already in some stage of production}
OU/OSU Bunting
Crayon Rolls
Car Organizer
Red Suede Purse
Purple/Yellow Ribbon Blankie

And this does not include fabric pulls I have set aside for unknown projects...or the fact that some of my scrap bins won't close...or my stash in general...or all that garment fabric I packed up with two boxes of patterns...or my bucket list of quilts that I don't own fabric {specifically} for...

During the next week or so {in between packing} I'll try to add links to the last-seen version of each project. Some have never been seen on here...because I didn't want to admit I was starting a new project.

I'll be replacing my "to be quilted" tab with this. It will also be my perpetual FAL list and the only place I'm allowed to get NewFOs. {Really, Mom. Even if the kit is on sale!}

Hopefully, over the next year decade, I can whittle this list down. And not add to it...too much.


  1. Hi Kate~
    Congrats on the 'coming clean' confession~ LOL We all have our hoard to work through.

    MY QUESTION: What will you be doing with these projects once each one is done? I'm finding that I love to sew but what do I do with all the quilts??? I'm not one for storing quilts, and I do give away lots of them, but only to family, because other people are too picky about the colors and styles, and I'm only a very scrappy quilter~

    Oh, today I made a confession of my going off the juicing track today. Must be the day for confessions! ♥♥♥

  2. They say confession is good for the soul, so I have to ask, do you feel better knowing where you are at or wish you'd never started the list? At least you know what you have and can make a plan to work through it.

  3. yikes. Curious about Cathy's question - and that's alot of orders! Alot of pressure there, girl. Hope you are still enjoying it at least sometimes....

  4. Oh my word, Katie - There is NO WAY I could handle a list like that. I'm old, I'm crazy and I'm in no way capable of the insane amount of "to-dos) that you have.

    You're my new inspiration!!!!

  5. Wow! Kudos for making a list. I just cannot do more than say three projects at once. One in the piecing stage, one in the quilting stage, and one in the hand-binding stage. I am so impressed with people who don't go crazy with lists like this!

  6. I find the list makes me more accountable. I didn't include customer obligations. that would have put me over the edge.

  7. Thanks for sharing your list! You have no idea how good it is for me to know others are as behind as I am! So many good ideas, so many good intentions....but then something new comes along and resistance is futile!

  8. Nice list! Slowly but surely you'll whittle it down...

  9. Shame never works on me. I must be incapable. =) You have a nice list, and it sounds as if quite a few of them are very close to completion!

  10. Keep at it and you'll get that list down in no time. I hope I can follow my own advice!! :)

  11. oh, those lists would really stress me out. LOL