Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekly Progress - Catching Up

I skipped a week, for a variety of reasons. There didn't seem much of a point last week to mention that all I managed to sew some sashing on a t-shirt quilt. 

And then Boston happened... Which, considering I had an eight year old at the finish line of my last race...

And then Thursday night/Friday morning, a cop was seriously injured by the bombers. He graduated with my husband, from a small, close-knit military college.

So if you feel inclined, this is the donation page run by their class agents.

Life has been dominated by the packing, but we've finally turned the corner on that - the storage unit is stuffed and most of the rooms are ready for cleaning and painting. Finally.

{Someone has a Yoda-ish opinion on packing.}

The little sewing time I managed to sneak in was dedicated to two projects.

Quilting my sister's quilt.

Which meant the cat had to be a jerk.

It's finished to the binding, which had to be dug out of the storage unit. Plan ahead, I do not! But it should be done this week.

And putting together the fireman t-shirt quilt, which is down to the borders and should be finished next week.

The design wall still hasn't changed, because Boardwalk isn't a priority until the above projects are finished. Look at me, I'm being a responsible adult!

Wedge is doing really well on his cancer treatments. He's lost a good bit of weight, so now poor Tycho is both the fat and annoying cat.

And now I have to get back to shredding....



  1. Ooo, I have some idea of how you are feeling -- DD and family were finally moved last Thursday and now comes the cleaning and the painting and all the myriad little jobs needed to get the house ready for rental! I wish you all the best as you prepare for your move!

  2. Sending you good thoughts and positive vibes in your busy schedule.

  3. Kudos, Kate! (for getting the binding out of storage instead of caving to an excuse for a shopping trip!) Boston was horrible. I'm really sorry about your husband's friend, and I pray you'll have peace at your races instead of fears. Just think - in a few months all this moving agony will be over. . .

  4. I'll keep your husband's friend in my prayers, hope he is still on the road to recovery. The before the move stuff seems to be never ending, hope it starts to get easier soon. Great job getting any stitching done with all the other stuff going on.

  5. LOL your cat is *helping* with the quilting! I'm glad to hear Wedge is responding well to his/her treatments - and I'm so sorry that the recent tragedy hit so close to home for you.