Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekly Progress - Moving Along

What is it about the end of the month that makes me somewhat productive?

Oh, right, the accountability of linky parties. I don't want to disappoint the people on the internet, after all! ;)

So this week, my design wall finally changed!

Woo! Four Boardwalk blocks, finally done! I also cut the sashing strips. Now to finish off the last ten blocks!

Just a peek at the Twisted Four Patch - it's basted and being quilted right between box packing.

Flirt strips sets are becoming blocks, in such an organized fashion.

For the Fifteen Minute Challenge, I sorted the yellow box, which also contains my paltry selection of orange {for the RSC.} I cut the RSC for yellow, too, while I was in there, and some blocks for a rainbow chevron quilt. Now that box can go into storage...sigh. Bye-bye, fabric!


  1. Boardwalk is coming together. I love the color combo you picked for that project.

    You've done so well at the organizing this year. It will be so much easier to set up in your new space because of all you did this year.

  2. I am dreading moving next year sometime too. We are military and it is going to be hard to plan our "report" date around putting our house on the market and everything else. So I feel your pain:)

  3. I can't believe you're getting all this done and packing too! I love your boardwalk blocks. Very pretty :)