Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Progress - Now With Husband!

And man, husbands slow down progress... Still, it's good to have him back. For one thing, I've been getting up at 6 am to run, so then I have the entire day to do other things! Like sit on the couch and complain about how much running hurts.

I did manage two finishes this week. Though both were nearly done last week, so it's not all that impressive that I managed to put binding on in the course of a week. Posts coming...soon. Along with a giveaway for 100 followers. I promise.

In other spurts of productiveness...

{Triple-Zip-Along} I cut out the main body fabric, making use of my newly-created string box. All the zipper pulls will be the same Dear Stella as the main body, because I had 2.5" strips leftover from binding, and this is a use-what-you-have project.
Still haven't decided if I'm using muslin or something else for the lining. And I need to buy zippers because I don't keep any on hand.

{Starburst Quilt Along} Flying geese made!

{Cat Tails} Block #4 is done, a bit late.

{Boardwalk} Catching up on the couple of blocks left for January. The little pieces on the strips of white a directional, so I chain piece them instead of leaving them as leaders/enders. Otherwise I forget which way they go!

{Saturday Sampler} First of the last three! Two and three are cut and well on their way to done.

{Design Wall} Sometimes I give up waiting for the right light.

I'm about to the point where I need to calculate the needed yardage to set the blocks on point and get this thing finished up!

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} Totally slacked this week. I shoved all the boxes back on the shelves with no organization, so that there was no fabric covering the bed when my husband got home. I swear I'm getting back to it this week!


  1. Looking Great!! Way to stay on top of things ;)

  2. YOu had a good week! Love that blue. Fabrics sure do pop against black, don't they? And I'm really digging your Two of Hearts. I've got a little mini I want to throw together in the next couple of days for my hubby to put up on his over-desk cabinet. Thanks for the reminder. ;D

  3. Seems like you achieved quite a lot to me!

  4. Even with your guy home it seems like you got quite a bit done. Love the Saturday Sampler blocks, especially that blue and black. Congrats on the finishes, both are great projects.

  5. I agree, that blue and black is awesome!
    Question: DId you sleep? LOL

  6. So glad your husband is back! And you have gotten alot done! I love your Triple-Zip fabric choices!

  7. Wow! I love that log cabin heart quilt!! Thanks for linking up. :)

  8. Love the scrappy log cabin hearts. Thanks for sharing via WIP Wednesday ... :) Pat

  9. Love your two of heart quilt. That blue on the black really sings. Love it.

  10. Wow...looks like you've gotten a lot accomplish. All are so very nice but I especially like the Cat Tails and Two of Hearts.

  11. Great work. Your like me lots going on. I love the cat block can't wait to see more. I love cat blocks. They are always so cute. I signed up to follow so I can see your progress. Come by and see me I posted a WIP but I missed the linky. Have a great weekend,