Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekly Progress - Welcome 2013!

Yay, a new year! And it's going to be a GOOD one! Busy as all heck, but busy with good things. Unlike last year, I should not get a phone call saying, "I'm deploying." Okay, at least not in January.

In no particular order of importance:
My husband is coming home! {REALLY SOON!}
My son is coming home! {Currently, late summer.}
We're moving! {Will find out where around March, move in June.}
I'm running four half marathons in 83 days! {Yes, I'm clearly insane.}
My sister is getting married! {And I'm the best Maid of Honor in the universe.}
I don't make resolutions, but some of the events previously mentioned will force good habits. There will be a major declutter/organization as we prepare to sell our house, which will hopefully carry over into the next house.

Plus, when you're following a FULL MARATHON training program {eek!} you really have no choice but to lose weight/stay in shape. The leader of our local running club decided that I should be on the full program for OKC until after half #2. My goal is 2:15 by half #4.

And spending more time with family? Yep, a wedding will do that.

Anyway, there was some sewing this week, even though the Dude was still out of school. It helps that he would allow me sewing time as long as I was working on this:

Creeper pillow, from Minecraft. Don't ask me - I do NOT get this new obsession. He's been micro-managing every step - picked the fabric, the thread, the quilting, and made sure I was aware that a pillow cover needs a hole in the back. Mmmkay, kid.

{UFO} Quilted five lines of Fall-gyle per day. Not a fast finish, but also not frustratingly boring.

Finish one block of my Saturday Sampler.

Added it to my newly re-arranged design wall! I think it's going to end up with ten blocks on each diagonal, and the other sixteen on point on the axes. That leaves the center open for...something. And all the open space will be black.

A sneak peek at my Cat Tails. Full post on Friday - I'm doing a Kats with Kate thing with Kate from Life in Pieces. Just because we can.

I am not really on the Trip Around the World bandwagon. But I have been cutting scraps and dumping them in a certain arrangement... Traditional, though. And not, unfortunately, strip-pieced. The scraps will end up more mixed once I start sewing.

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} I've been good and done fifteen minutes of organization every day. My flat surfaces are clean, and I'm starting to tackle the scraps this week. All of my color bins are overflowing and I have a box of new ones to sort!

Kate is talking about schedules this month. I know I thrive on a schedule, so I'm interested in seeing what she has to say!

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  1. I'm still chuckling about the creeper pillow and your micromanager. :)

  2. Oh My Gosh!!! And it's so exciting that it's almost time for your hubby to get home!

  3. Looks like an exciting year ahead. Hopefully you PCS some place you want :)

  4. Really loving your Saturday sampler!

  5. such good news about your husband.
    sounds like a busy year for you.
    love those blocks on your design wall.

  6. Another great week of accomplishments. Kids can be real micromanagers when the project is theirs. Lots in the works for this year, but it all sounds like happy stuff (Well maybe not the marathons, those would not make my list as being happy events as I'd likely not survive them!).

  7. Looks like you have a big year ahead! I love all the projects you're working on. Thanks for linking up! :)

  8. Love the cat tails pattern.

  9. all of the blocks pictured are wonderful and the pillow is adorable!! I think your year sounds like so much fun! I could not run like you but I train hours a week for improved health and I love it. I hope that your husbands return is very very soon.

  10. I love the minecraft pillow. After seeing a couple of bitmap type quilts tagged with the term minecraft, I asked my husband to show me what Minecraft actually was. Now I can not get him off the game. I think there is a creeper quilt in his future.

  11. Love your projects especially the sampler. Good luck on all other aspects of your life that is alot of stuff. Hope your hubby is home real soon!

  12. Haha! I have a stack of green solids all ready for a creeper quilt too! I don't understand the obsession with this game either... My 2 boys are also addicted! Looks great!

  13. Umm - so My boys got the Creeper - and they think you should add them to your list! Good luck on the marathon... I am hoping for a 10K this year, but I am a wimp ;-)

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