Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WiP/FMC - Mojo

I took a week off to recover my mojo... Part of my time off was not reading blogs. I should have kept that up for another week. What is it about the spring that brings out quilting controversy and the snarky anonymous comments?

{My husband, who reads CNN comments, laughs at me. And then says he's glad he fights for the freedom to make snarky anonymous online comments. And then I start laughing hysterically because seriously, that was one of the comments I read. Yes, people, my husband is heading to Afghanistan to protect your right to make snarky anonymous online comments. We're very proud of him. *inappropriate Team America quote*!}

But, ahem, anyway. My mojo is back.

For my Fifteen Minute Challenge, I'm doing something new. This summer, we're going to be living in a hotel for about six weeks while my husband finishes his training. I will go insane if I can't sew for six weeks, but I won't have access to a design wall or a place to cut yardage. So I'm kitting up some simple baby quilts. Every day I spend fifteen minutes ironing, cutting and bagging up a quilt.
Kit #1: Nine patch and snowball

I started two new quilts this week, both for the same friend who refuses to find out if her unborn baby is a boy or girl. I don't do neutral.

The girl block

The boy block
{I know what you're thinking. Kate, you branched out! It's a half log cabin!}
She'll get one, the other will be for sale on my Facebook page.

I finished Frolicking Pinwheels last week. Been doodling quilting patterns on it ever since. I don't have anything with a curve that big to trace!

Fat Quarter Stars - 6/12 blocks - none
LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 - 6/36 - new blocks to make
LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 - Blocks done, center medallion started.
Quiltville Orca Bay {Skorca!} - backing pieced and ready for basting
Swoon A Little, Swoon A Lot - no new blocks
Granny Squares - rethought the center squares, and much of the other squares, too. It wasn't bright enough. I salvaged some of the squares and this is the first of the new blocks. Minus the corners. I would totally get the sides and the corners mixed up (I'm using the Traceyjay no-bias edges method), so those will go on all the blocks right before sashing.

Untouched This Week:

Awaiting Quilting...will no longer be seen here. After the hotel living, we're going to live with my parents, and they have a huge basement floor that's begging for someone to baste on it. {And, bonus, three more cats to "help"!} So my focus will be quilt tops until then. And I don't want to look at a long list of projects I'm not working on! I will get them listed on a page up top soon.

Awaiting Binding:

Application Submitted - 2/12 
Home Study - home interview is Saturday. I tell myself I'm not I scrub the kitchen grout with bleach.

New Projects: 2
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 12


  1. Awesome idea/plan to bag projects for "down" time. I really wanted to pop in and say thank you for the sacrifices your family makes for the rest of us. As for the "spring snarkiness", they are free to do it, but it doesn't mean they have to...LOL...and yes, I have also noticed a lot of it lately.

  2. Good luck Saturday! I know you guys will do great!

    Hey, do you want any Hawaiian fabric? There's a store not far from our hotel. Text me if you do :)

  3. Love your granny squares!!! Fabulous colour combo!! :)

  4. you are one extremely organized quilter~!~
    i think your plan to make up kits for your upcoming living situation is a great one and i love the looks of that snowball and nine patch~!!!
    will you be hand sewing these or can you keep your sewing machine close? hand sewing sounds like a lot more work but it's amazing how fast it actually can go.


  5. We did the living in a hotel thing when we moved 6 years ago. My sewing machine was stored at my sisters, where we went every weekend. I didn't realize how much I'd miss my sewing, so I ended up starting a new project (thankfully sis quitls too and had the rulers and stuff. Love your baby quilt kits, great idea.

    Thank you to your husband for being willing to deploy overseas and your family for dealing with the sacrifices that deployment entails.