Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Stash Report - Week 12

Remember last week, when I bought A Walk in the Woods? My sister outdid me and bought the whole fat quarter set. Some of them might go missing next time I visit... 
Anyway, she went fabric shopping in honor of National Quilting Day, and at her shop, someone was showing off a finished Orca Bay.
Coincidentally, I'm showing off one too! Small world, indeed.

Not only that, but one of the blue borders was giving me a massive headache (sewed/unsewed it FOUR times), so I whipped these blocks into a finished top to release my frustration.

Of course, I did go fabric shopping last Sunday...
The blue is the borders for Skorca (and granny squares, and possibly Star Wars...) The floral is Denyse Schmidt's Daisy Mae, to back my Chunky Log Cabin (yes, I bought it just for the Mae.) The orange orca flannel is the backing for Skorca...seriously. That's the last time the Dude gets to pick.

ETA: I mailed off my giveaway last week! Duh! Need to count outs wherever I can get them!

Used this Week: 10.35
Used Year to Date: 33.67
Added this Week: 12.83
Added Year to Date: 80.33

Net Used for 2012: (46.66yards

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  1. Skorca looks amazing! I think those borders would have given me headaches too. I'm SO not good at borders. And the backing, hehe.

  2. oh yeah, I really prefer NO borders these days, so I feel for ya! Great finish though & I love your new fresh start!

  3. ROFL--I remember when my daughter wanted to paint her room DARK purple. I lied and said the lavender I was painting was the one she picked. Nope--never forgave me! hehe What is there about the swoon blocks that make them so HARD to make? Really! I made 12--and the last one was the ONLY one I didn't have to frog on. (psst-don't say it was me either!)

    I saw from your blog you are BUSY BUSY BUSY woman!

  4. Your hourglass blocks are so pretty!

  5. Your Swoon is so pretty but wow that Skorca is stunning.