Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Week 32

Well, it happened sooner than I thought. I ran out of the colors I wanted for 16" Swoon blocks. I have just enough for a yellow/brown block...and I already have one of those!
So I scavenged through my scraps to finish the last two 16-inchers and threw them on the wall.
 I think the blue is too blue. I love the strip to the left of the blue, but that's all I can find...not enough for a Swoon block. There's plenty of the strip to the right, so it's a good contender.
I actually really like the plaid-ish pink-ish one on the left of the yellow/orange block, but it's very pink compared to the other reds...
The good news is I have plenty for a bunch of little 8" blocks. And I'm going to cut and pair them before any sewing, so I don't get down to two browns or something else useless!

Halloween Hexagons is now quilted but unbound.

Hunter's Star, round two - 56/90 light blue half-blocks

Fat Quarter Stars
Argyle Quilt Along - strips are sewn and starting to be cut. Because I'm making it smaller, I found it was easier to sew/cut two strips in a set. Plus, they fit so well in my new favorite shoe box.

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  1. That orange swoon block makes me think of orange sherbert or those orange julius drinks you used to get at the mall! very refreshing! and that coming from someone who is not a big orange fan. They will all look great together.

  2. your swoon blocks are looking good - what a great idea to pair up the two sizes. & I *love* the picture of your cat :)

  3. Oh, so many decisions! Good luck figuring out your remaining Swoon! I'm looking forward to seeing your argyle quilt too!

  4. Wow, lots going on in your sewing room. The swoon blocks are looking good.